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alexis toler

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by: Lexi Toler Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was a very nice man. He was the third President. He was tall, and very quiet. Thomas was also pretty rich. Introduction Thomas was famous for helping write the Constitution. Thomas is also famous for helping write the Declaration of Independence to show King George that the colonies were free. Thomas was also elected second Vice President. Fame Thomas was born on April 3,1743 in a four room wooden house in Virginia. Thomas was the third of ten children. As a child he made friend with Indians, and they taught him lots of stuff. He read books a lot, and he loved them. As he got older he would study for over fifteen hours a day. Childhood Thomas contributed his time to go to Europe to get money for his country. He also contributed his ideas to help his county. Contributions When Thomas was fourteen his father, Peter Jefferson, died. Another obstacle would be John Adams, because they were enemies. They became enemies when John was President and Thomas was Vice President, so they became enemies, because some people liked John and some liked Thomas. Obstacles Thomas loved the United States and he did many things to show that. Everyday Thomas would soak his feet in freezing cold water, because he thought it would keep colds away. Thomas didn't like John Adams, so he told everyone that John was "vain,suspicious,irritable, stubborn,and wrong" {I am starting to think that Thomas was really mean to John!!!} Fun Facts Conclusion I hope you are thinking the same thing I am.....I was thinking that Thomas Jefferson was an interesting man!!!! I hope you learned a lot!!!!!!! Resources Used
Thomas Jefferson A life of Patriotism
By:Ann-Marie kishel

A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson
By:David .A. Alder

Meet the Presidents
by:Gate Thomson


Worst of Friends
by:Suzanne Tripp Jurmain
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