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freedom to us

No description

natalia chancafe

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of freedom to us

Finally Bald Eagle The end! "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it
not for themselves." School Mississippi River Abraham Lincoln Freedom to us by: Leilani Corea
Anahy Claudio and
Natalia Chancafe Berlin Wall peace sign American Flag butterfly ''Its better to die fighting for freedom than living life in chains.'' freedoms child this song means freedom to me because
it talks about slaves and how they should
have freedom.It also talks about how freedomis going to start happening. freedom of speech Look at these hands...I stole them from my master
Look through these eyes...
Imagine what they've seen
This long, dark night
Must now come to an end
A holy light
Is just around the bend
Today we fight
For all the ground in between
The words we say and what we really mean
So let the bells of freedom ring
Let the dogs of war run wild
From out the age of darkness bring
The birth of freedom's child freedom's child
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