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voyage on the Great Titanic

SSR project

sarah paris

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of voyage on the Great Titanic

Voyage on the Great Titanic
The Diary of Margret Ann Brady
SSR presentation

Sarah Paris
English 9 Introduction Setting Plot Margaret finds a lady who needs assistance on her trip on the Titanic and volunteered to assist her.
She tells William and he send over money
She gets to her room and her stateroom person introduces himself
Margaret thinks he's cute and they start talking and having tea and biscuits very often . White, Ellen. Voyage on the Great Titanic. New York. Scholastic inc. 1998. Fiction
I chose this book because i
really like the Titanic. Rising Action Rising Action Continued... in London England
on the Titanic
1912 Plot Exposition Margret's mother dies and her older brother leaves her in front of an orphanage.
The women from the orphanage take her in. Margaret and her brother send letters to keep in touch
William informs her he has moved to America
Margaret decides to save money to go live with her brother Plot Climax Everyone was enjoying their trip when they felt the ship
That night Robert knocked on Margaret's door and told her to put something warm on and report to the boat deck.
The word spread that the ship hit an iceberg and they were slowly sinking.
women and children started boarding the lifeboats leaving loved ones behind
Robert met Margaret on deck as they found out they had no more lifeboats
Robert kissed Margaret and told her he loved her. he helped her board on a lifeboat hidden behind tables and chairs the ship was knocking over.
with tears in his eyes he promised to meet her on shore as soon as he arrived. Climax continued... she and very few others were able to board the hidden lifeboat.
they set sail for shore, watching the remaining passengers jump overboard.
as they paddled through the icy water, they hear the band playing and the screams of terrified passengers
the split soon split in half. the bottom going down first
the band went silent and the ocean went black. Falling Action Plot Margaret and the other lifeboat passengers paddle until about 4 in the morning when they hit shore.
there was a huge crowd of people waiting for loved ones ,and news reporters looking for passengers to interview
Margaret looks but see's no sign of William or Robert.
she sits on a bench and waits Plot Conclusion as Margaret slept(on the bench) she felt someone nudging her
she opened her eyes to William
they catch up on everything they missed and William takes her to his house
oh yea Margaret got a letter saying that Robert has passed. Conflicts man vs self William makes the decision to leave Margaret and move to America Man vs Man
The captain made the band and stewards stay on the ship as it was sinking Man vs self Margaret had to make the decision to travel to America and live with her brother Characters Margaret is a round and dynamic character. She is the main character and grows to become more mature throughout the story William is a round and static character. He doesn't change but he is a big part of Margaret's life. Without him, there would be no story. Robert is a round and dynamic character. He meets Margaret and becomes a more mature teenager (he was 17). He was also a big part of Margaret's life. Theme The theme in this story is that love is everlasting. Margaret and her brother love each other so much, they do everything to be together again. Margaret and Robert love each other so much, they promise to meet up when they both reach shore and continue where they left off.
"...what had previously been a casual parting, with promises to meet up soon was now a wrenching, tearful farewell." forshadowing Margaret's mother dies at the beginning of the story and she was really close to her. Robert dies and he was also very close to Margaret. The End
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