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Mt. Gunnarupt evacuation plan

By Grace, Renae, Tess and Sydney

Grace Dorgan

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of Mt. Gunnarupt evacuation plan

Town A: Town B: Town C: Population 2,000 Mt.Gunnarupt Sydney, Grace, Renae, and Tess Population 4,000 Population 5,500 Town A Plan: Evacuating all After a point turning all lanes of highway one direction from a point We are hoping to have at least a 24 hour time space of warning before the volcano erupts. If not, then when the volcano erupts and the ash starts to fall on them, they will have their group numbers called out and will leave in an orderly fashion. Will have prearranged groups. All gone in 30 min of volcano erupting •Will be taking large vehicles like cars and vans and carpooling
•When volcano erupts will put out an emergency broadcast saying group numbers
•Dig trenches
•All gone at 45 min
•Women and children first
•Will have prearranged groups
•Want to have a 24 hr warning period
•Will use sizemagraphs, heat sensors, pressure sensors Town B and C Plan Children and Women first Each group will get
a number Dig Trenches to divert lahar Overall evacuation plan After everyone is safely out, we will close the highways Tess and Grace- Annalysis
Renae and Sydney- Calculaters We know it is a strato because it is on a oceanic-continental boundary witha convergant collision It has a high silica content so it will be very explosive Force of nature has been called in to determine whether or not Mt.Gunnarupt will erupt If it is going to erupt we will form an evacuation plan The Problem Helpful Expiriments Dish soap, Honey, Oil
Model volcano
Bottle volcano The volcano
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