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Pillo Polo

No description

James Lai

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Pillo Polo

Pillo Polo
By: James Lai

Pillo polo, also known as floor hockey in some places, is a popular recreation and physical education game that has been around for over 40 years
The game can be played both inside and outside and has rules similar to ice hockey.
All forms of ice hockey such as floor hockey and pillo polo was invented by British soldiers stationed in Canada in the mid-1900s.
Pillo polo was adopted as a physical fitness sport in many public schools for gym and was a milder, less contact sport for most ages in school.
Each team has six players including a goalie
The goalie is the only player allowed to touch the ball with his hands or feet, and goalies are allowed to throw or roll the ball down the field
Everyone else must only use their sticks to move the ball
Players can only swing at the ball on the ground; for safety reasons swinging at the ball in air is not allowed.
The object is to score more goals than your opponents in the specified game time; each goal is worth one point
Most games are played with two halves consisting of 15 to 30 minutes each
Equipment used
Pillo polo is played with 31-inch pillo polo sticks made of foam
The balls used are round, 7 inches in circumference and also made of foam
At each end of the field or gym, there should be a hockey or field hockey goal used as the goals
Most play with a field length of about 30 to 40 yards
Fouls or penalties can be assessed for kicking, tripping, pushing or "high sticking," which means playing with the stick high or off the ground.
Players cannot use their sticks to hit an opponent or throw their sticks, both of which are penalties
Players who are assessed penalties must sit out of the game for two minutes
If a foul occurs in the goalie box, the player who was fouled gets a penalty shot, which is a one-on-one shot against the goal, just like in hockey.
Players' roles
Goalie: Tending Goal, May stop the ball with stick or hands
Center: Moves full court and leads offensive play and Responsible for face-off and scoring goals
Two Wings: Cannot cross into the defensive side and Responsible for scoring goals
Two or Three Defensive players: Responsible for defending their team’s goal and Cannot cross into the offensive side of the playing field
When a player hits the ball and it goes into the net.
After each point scored, play will restart with a face-off.
Fundamental Techniques
Stick Handling
Suggested Drills
Prior to play appropriate drills might include:
Proper shooting technique to the goal
Proper passing technique to teammates
Dribbling with ball using Pillo Polo sticks
Proper use of defense to steal the ball from opponent
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