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Red Bull Marketing Presentation

No description

Ana Anderson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Bull Marketing Presentation

34% market share
Larger brand- including 6 product lines: Core Monster Energy, Java Monster, Nitrous, X-Presso, Dub Line, and Rehab
Similar marketing strategy to Red Bull - athlete and band sponshorships, extreme sports and concerts, 15-30 yr. old males
More edgy than Red Bull focuses on living "life on the edge" and the extreme lifestyle
More sponsorship by athletes, musicians and celebrities “We are dedicated to upholding Red Bull standards, while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient and profitable manner”
-(Mission/Values, 2011) Mission Statement Red Bull takes advantage of BUZZ MARKETING techniques
free distribution samples in college campuses, clubs, and places where many young people hang out.
Strong athlete endorsements and sponsorship of events in the extreme sports world.
Use Facebook and twitter to reach out to their consumers, release promotions and endorse athletes.
Build hype around their athletes and events with YouTube videos.
Newest addition: Red Bull Content Pool
"Discover a world of sports, culture and lifestyle." Price Introduce Red Bull as a new
tailgating staple Placement Red Bull is an established product
Several Benefits
Increased performance
Increased concentration & Reaction time
Stimulated metabolism
More energy
Benefits backed by several case studies
Brand's product is followed by the marketing team The Competition Monster Threats Rockstar Full Throttle 9% market share
Marketed as an energy boost to people who live an "active and exhausting" lifestyle
Advertises itself as the "world's most powerful energy drink" and totes ingredents that make it more energetic
Available in 19 flavors 2% of market share
Same target market as other energy drinks
Owned by Coca Cola
Partners will USO and NHRA
Mainly promote themselves at events such as the USO music benefits and NHRA drag racing competitions
Minimal television advertisements
Target Market ages 15-30, mostly males
165 countries

college students
people in the workplace
active individuals Red Bull 5-Hour Energy Other Threats Health Concerns:
Caffeine content- the caffeine content is the same amount that is in a cup of coffee, however when mixed with the other ingredients and sugars it can be dangerous.
Energy drinks are not sports drinks and have not been formulated to deliver re-hydration; though they may provide energy, water must be consumed as well.
Limited amount of flavor options
Brand loyalty throughout generations is limited
Unexpected threats reflecting poorly on the brands image:
events- getting out of control or irresponsible
sponsorships making bad decisions or being poor role models Opportunities Weaknesses Celebrity Promotion Demarcus Ware,
Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Ryan Dungey
Red Bull KTM rider Blake Griffin
NBA superstar Red Bull is a premium product so it carries a premium price.
Energy drinks cost higher than cola products because of the added benefits consumers receive
On average an 8 oz can of Red Bull would be $2.
Red Bull sells smaller cans which means they have a higher price per ounce. Seasonal Spirit cans will be given out for free on game days at the Red Bull tailgate tent
Spirit cans will also be available for purchase locally wherever Red Bull products are sold.
Additionally, cans will be sold inside the stadium at concession stands and Red Bull promo booths.
Spirit cans will be sold only during football season and at the same price as a standard 8.3 oz. cans ($2 on average). To boost product consumption among sports fans, specifically college students
Red Bull cans will be produced in popular university colors during football season
Spirit cans will be available during football season for select universities with the large local fan bases.
The spirit cans will only come in standard 8.3 oz cans.
The tabs on the top will stay the same with the silver and aqua blue to signify regular or sugar-free
Spirit cans will use fan loyalty to create and retain brand loyalty and excitement throughout the year Red Bull spirit cans will be distributed at university pre-game tailgates and independent booths inside stadiums
Student Brand Managers will also increase on-campus awareness and availability during football season
The Wings Team will walk around campus before home games giving out free spirit cans and promoting the Red Bull game-day tailgate
Spirit cans will be available for purchase at all Red Bull retailer locations within the college town and select surrounding cities. 8 decentralized distribution centers
Convenience stores, supercenters, bars and restaurants, and Red Bull events
Red Bull promotion teams also go to college campuses, libraries, workplaces, and the streets around sporting events Price Placement Product Promotion Create and host big tailgate tent party with games and giveaways
Free spirit cans supplied by the Wings Team before the games and at the tailgate party tent
Competitions held throughout day to win ultimate Red Bull tailgate swag
Live music or DJ at the tailgate tent Strengths Red Bull can compete within the market -share of soft drinks, nonalcoholic drinks and energy drinks.
First energy drink produced, created its own market
Strong Brand Recognition
Controls well over 40 percent of the energy drink market
Red Bull has a lot of shelf space therefore they have the power to do what they want and not lose supplier Simplicity in product offerings
Promotions team is active throughout communities
Strong sponsorship in areas such as Motorsports, biking, surfing, snowboarding, music, and gaming Product hasn't changed much over the years
Limited packaging options at the retail level.
Health concerns due to high caffeine content and high sugar levels Limited Product Line
Only have 6 total: Original, Sugar-Free,Total Zero,
and the Red Bull editions Growing market: Energy drink sales are projected to grow 40% by 2015 (Mintel)
Increase product line
Partnership/advertising with social media
Gaining customer loyalty throughout multiple generations rather than just target market
Consumer recognition through sponsorship of sporting events Our Marketing Implementation Plan: Promotion Ana Anderson
Hannah Koskamp
Katie Riesenweber
Paul Draper Product
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