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Eat, Pray, Love

No description

Asante CarterBryant

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love
By Elizabeth Gilbert

At age 32, Elizabeth Gilbert had the American dream - a home, a husband, and an amazing and successful career
She left it all behind in search of her true self
Gilbert decided to explore three major aspects of herself while traveling to 3 different parts of the world
Can I Love?
Intimacy vs Isolation
R - Rest
E - Exercise
D - Diet
S - Spirituality
What all this meant to me?
This is now my favorite book.

It brought me to tears.

It reassured me that my beliefs aren't as crazy as I might think.

I recommend anyone read this in their free time.
Presentation by:
Asante CarterBryant

Pleasure in Italy
- Eat

Devotion in India
- Pray

Balance in Indonesia
- Love
Elizabeth had everything she could have wanted, but was still unhappy
She filed for divorce and found a rebound man, however, the rebound relationship crumbled as well
After the series of failed relationships, Gilbert becomes celibate until she can learn to love herself
Elizabeth alternates between periods of isolation as she travels.
She's more intimate with her peers in Italy
She isolates herself more in India to focus on developing her love for herself and strengthening her relationship with God
Tries to balance both isolation and intimacy in Bali
Rest allows the physical body to regenerate itself.
Diet is a major factor that affects our long-term health.
Exercise can prolong and enhance life.
Spirituality is a pathway to developing meaning
Perseverance: The only way to GET through it is to GO through it.
Support: Knowing the value of having friends and family that have your back no matter what.
Sense of humor: Being familiar with self humility. Laugh, even if the situation isn't all that funny.
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