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the kite runner chapters 24 and 25

No description

kirsten bergmann

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of the kite runner chapters 24 and 25

Chapter 24 and 25 The kite runner Chapter 24 Chapter 25 sgss Summary Literary devices Significant Characters Themes Running away- it seems that Amir and Sohrab have
that in common when they are unsure of something they run away like when Sohrab runs away because he is scared that Amir and Soraya will get tired of him. Amir did the same this even though he didn't Physically run away he did mentally by trying to forget about the incident with Hassan and how he could stand up for him. Foreshadowing- when they tell Amir that he might have to put Sohrab into a orphanage this is telling us that Sohrab inst going to respond positively because of how shook up he was when he came out of the orphanage and how he talked about it. Sohrab- he is a significant character because
he has had alot go through his life at such a young age and has really made a influence on Amirs life and is changing him to be a better person and not always think of himself. At the start of chapter 25 Amir rushes through the double doors into the operation room, he is told by the surgeons that he is not allowed to be there and is then escorted out. Amir then begins to pray for Sohrab and waits in the room until roughly 5A.M. The doctor then came out and tells Amir that Sohrab had lost a lot of blood and had to be revived 2 times and then informs Amir that he is ok. When Amir goes to visit Sohrab he will not say a word, Amir explains that the only reason he went into the bathroom was to tell him that he has a visa to come to America. When Amir & Sohrab returned to America they were met by Soraya at the airport, when they returned home Soraya showed Amir & Sohrab the study he had converted into a bedroom for him. Later on in time around new years they traveled to Lake Elizabeth Park for a small gathering of Afghans. Well there Amir notices childeren fighting kites, Amir goes to the local kite seller and buys a kite. He offers Sohrab a turn be he refuses. Once Amir starts flying the kite Sohrab joins in, they cut a green kites line by doing Hassan's favourite trick, the "lift and dive" when the kite is falling to the ground Amir asks Sohrab if he wanted him to run the kite for him, Sohrab says yes. Amir then says the words "For you a thousand times over" And the book then ends. -Amir wakes up to realise that Sohrab is gone
and than later finds him at mosque parking lot

-Sohrab tells amir that he feels as though he is dirty and
full of sin because he was sexually abused.

-Amir asks Sohrab is he would like to live with him and his wife in America, Sohrab does not answer cause he is scared that Amir and his wife will get tired of him.

-The next day, Amir goes to the American embassy. The man there tells Amir the adoption will be almost impossible. Without death certificates, there is no way to prove Sohrab is an orphan

-Amir talks to Soraya, who tells him that Sharif, a family member who works for the U.S. immigration department, or INS, says there are ways to keep Sohrab in the country once he’s in.

-Amir goes to tell Sohrab and finds him bleeding and unconscious in the bathtub. Amir- Amir is a significant character because he is trying to save Sohrab from the terrible life he is in and trying to bring him to a safe good environment. Sohrab has really changed Amir aspect on life and amir has realized that there is a way to be good again and he is doing this by saving Sohrab Love tension- it seems like Amir Sohrab is scared that Amir wont love him like how Amir did the same with Baba they are so concerned with pleasing who they look up to they are scared of them. Motifs Irony- It is ironic that Amir is getting treated the same way that he probably treated Baba and it is hard for him to get on a personal level with Sohrab. Amir did the same with Baba, he hide himself away. Climax- there was a very important part of the chapter when Amir goes into the bathroom to tell Sohrab the good news and finds Sohrab sitting in a blood bath with a razor. Self harm- it seems that this comes up in the book a lot because Amir puts self harm to himself when he doesn't tell the truth to Baba about what happened to amir that night and he has suffered many years because he feels that he is a bad person. Sohrab brings self harm to himself physically because he cuts himself with a razor because he was scared he would have to go back to the orphanage. Summary
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