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The lightning thief

No description

Ivan Guerra

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of The lightning thief

Thief Why I chose this book I saw the movie which I thought was very interesting and full of a lot of action which i hoped this book would have to keep my attention. Percy's journey Hero or Not Attention Grabber In this novel the author grabbed mu attention by adding a lot of action and suspense to the book the book which made it more exciting to read for me. Percy's obstacles....... Authors reason His culture Novel Showed me The Lightning Thief taught me that I have respect for people who are able to except there differences and deal with them. I learned this while reading The Lightning Thief because when Percy was able was able to except that he was different I thought to my self what if everyone was able to do this then no one would try to act like someone else so you could get to meet that real person. This was another reason i got really interested in this book. Favorite Quote "If you were a god, how would you like being called a myth, an old story to explain lightning? What if I told you, Perseus Jackson, that someday people would call you a myth, just created to explain how little boys can get over losing their mothers?" You should read.... I thought that Percy mostly had a physical journey but also had an emotional one because he had to use his newly found abilities to fight off monster and other creatures mad it a physical journey then his problems with his father I believe made it also an emotional journey. I believe that important characteristics of a hero are being brave and courageous which Percy Jackson has. In the book Percy did all in his power to protect his mom and his friends. A good example of Percy being a hero was when he was attacked by a minotaur, not knowing how to deal with it, still attempted to face it. this shows that Percy Jackson is brave and courageous. Throughout the book Percy faces both fantastical creatures and emotional problems. Some of these creatures were the minotaur, furies, and Medusa. I thought an emotional obstacle that he faced was that he thought his mother was killed by the minotaur. "Imagine the world in chaos. Nature at war with itself. Olympians forced to choose sides between Zeus and Poseidon. Destruction. Carnage. Millions dead. Western civilization turned into a battleground so big it will make the Trojan War look like a water-balloon fight." I believe the authors reason for writing this novel was to entertain the reader and also teach us about greek mythology at the same time. The Lightning Thief showed the Percy Jackson was caring and excepting. I thought this because in many accounts Percy put others before him. He was excepting because he was able to except that he was a god and except all the things that were going on with his life. This quote was important to me because I though it was very humerus had a bit of irony. I recommend this book to everyone. This book had an amazing storyline. If you like adventure this book is for you, Percy goes on an amazing adventure encountering many creature and problems throughout the way. It gets more exciting as you read and you never know what to expect. If you enjoy greek mythology then you will enjoy this book because it is full of many different greek characters into one story. Anyone would love this book no matter what kind of genre you enjoy to read. This book has an amazing ending that you will not believe. Bibliography Google.com
images The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
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