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75 Social Media Tips for Non Profits

Presented to Troy Chamber Attendees

Brenda Meller

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of 75 Social Media Tips for Non Profits

75 Social Media Tips for Your Nonprofit Session Description 41. Identify your goals.
42. Monitor your performance against those goals.
43. Analyze and refine your goals periodically.
44. Set up and maintain a content calendar. Really.
45. Use multiple admins to manage content.
46. Use your name in company / organization posts. Humanize your company. Those that Plan…DO Social media provides a great, low-cost method to reach your current and future customers. For those focused on increasing your bottom-line revenues and customer engagement (and who isn’t!), social media MUST be a part of your marketing strategy.

Multiple ways a non-profit can use social media to help promote your organization. This session will focus on quick tips, ranging from the beginner to the advanced. We’ll address personal and professional social media use.
Tips on the most-used social networking sites, including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogs, Google+, and Photo Sharing Sites (Instagram, Flickr).
How other non-profits are using social media, to inspire you to learn new techniques as social networking evolves. Be Active Personally... Be Socially Accessible 14. Use your social media icons liberally in your organization’s communications.

15. Remember your email signature is your best friend. Add your social icons.

16. Have a mobile site and be mobile friendly. Engage.You < Them. 32. Like their comments on FB
33. Respond to their questions or posts on FB
34. Thank them for following you on Twitter
35. Personalize your LI invites
36. Thank people for inviting you to connect on LI
37. Read and respond to LI network updates
38. Listen. Read. Ask. 1. On Facebook 2. On LinkedIn 3. On Google+ 4. On Twitter 5. On YouTube 6. On Pinterest 7. On Instagram (or other photo site) Give Your Company Presence On.. 8. Facebook (page or group) 9. LinkedIn (company page or group) 10. YouTube 11. Google Places 12. FourSquare 13. AppStore (esp. if customers are asking if you have an app) Blog About It 17. If you have the interest, blog. 
18. Read other blogs.
19. Add a blog to your web.
20. Solicit for guest bloggers. 
21. Share good blog posts. http://charliecurve.tumblr.com/post/19018221791/wist Charlie Wollborg
Chief Troublemaker at Curve. Curator at TEDxDetroit. Content Marketer. Strategist. Creative Director. Keynote Speaker. “You are the front line of content quality. Don’t just post to post...Before you post it ask yourself one question: ‘Would I Share This?’ “ 22. Be Interesting @CharlieCurve Get to Know Your Ambassadors 23. Ask your Customers / Donors
24. Ask your Employees
25. Ask your Company / Organization Leaders
26. Ask your Fans Leverage (Use?) Your Ambassadors 27. Ask for their feedback.
28. Brand them.
29. Give them free event tickets.
30. Ask for volunteers to help.
31. Consider upgrading them to page admins. 39. Speak from the Heart "Stories from the heart. So many non-profits involve that personal connection!"

- Jessica Knapik
@walshcollege www.walshcollege.edu/toyexpress In December 2010, a College officer was tutoring a student at Blackwell Institute. He questioned the student what she was most looking forward to for the holidays. She indicated she was not celebrating, because her family couldn't afford it. It broke his heart to hear the story.

In an effort to make the student's holiday a little more special, the College pulled together and purchased a brand new toy for each student in the class. An event I like to call "Santa Toy Express to Blackwell". 40. Don't Do It All Source: Chad Wiebesick @Wiebesick
www.linkedin.com/in/wiebesick Director of Social Media for Michigan Economic Development Corp. promoting tourism, business, jobs, film & arts. “Don't spread yourself too thin. Focus on the networks where your audience is at and don't try to be everywhere.” Seek and Learn 47. Attend webinars and social media sessions like these
48. Find the experts and mimic their techniques
49. Join LinkedIn groups where others in your industry hang out
50. Join LinkedIn groups where your customers (donors) hang out
51. Follow and like your competitors
52. Follow and like the big players or your favorite brands Share it Forward 53. Share with your network something you learned today. And everyday!

54. Pay it forward. Give more than you take or ask. Help Your ROI 55. On FB, use an inquiry app
56. On LinkedIn, add in products and contacts per product
57. Mention fundraising on FB. Ask donors to share.

58. Install Google analytics. Review. Analyze.

59. Add "share " feature to your site, emails, donation page.

60. If something works, do more of it.
61. If it's not working, stop doing it. Automate… Sometimes 62. Set up Google Alerts www.google.com/alerts
63. Set up Twilerts www.twilert.com/

64. Schedule some (not all) FB posts

65. Cross-promote when appropriate (ex: LI / Twitter, use hashtags (Ex: #SocialMedia, #WalshCollege)
66. Review using www.tweetarchivist.com Thou Must 67. Have a Smart Phone

68. Spend 15 minutes a day on social media

69. Accept that social media is here to stay. For now.

70. Accept that your favorite site will change. Again. And again.

71. Connect with me. www.linkedin.com/in/brendameller Be Curious 72. Look for inspiration beyond your company or industry.

73. Ask questions.

74. Look for what's next in social media. Go Forth 75. Be not afraid. Be your organization’s biggest fan. The Future? Paul C. Chambers
CEO, Core3 Solutions
Crain's 20 In Their 20's, Digital Innovator
@paulchambers "Keep an eye on the future for apps like Vine and what their impact might be."

"Finally, get ready for the impact Graph Search is going to have on Facebook. All of the sudden all that content you share socially will be part of the second biggest search engine on the Internet - Facebook." These Ladies Rock Katie Miller
Account Manager at Core3 Solutions Trisha Verma
Brand/Strategy Manager at Core3 Solutions @core3solutions Presented by:
Brenda Meller
Director of Marketing, Walsh College
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