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Greek Mythological Allusion

Prepare to be amazed.....

Moose PotatoSkin

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythological Allusion

Apollo Theater
Apollo is the god of light, masculine beauty, and music. He played a solid gold lyre.

Apollo theater is a famous music hall in New York. Since Apollo is the god of music the name fits perfectly.
Achilles is is one of the greatest heroes of greek mythology, and a protagonist in the Trojan War.
Poseidon is the god of the sea. He is one of the "Big Three" of the gods. Meaning he is one of the most powerful.
Medusa Cement Company
Medusa was an evil creature who could turn someone to solid cement with the slightest glance.

The Medusa Cement Company uses the name Medusa because they think there cement dries faster and is better than other companies.

They included Poseidon's name because he is the god of the sea and they think that there seafood is the best.
They call it Achilles international because they try to enable people with all types of disabilities to do mainstream athletics. The company thinks that their disabilities are just weaknesses just like Achilles Heel.
Ajax was a Greek warrior in the Trojan War that "cleaned up in battle".
Ajax is the name of this cleaning liquid because it cleans up the dishes very well.
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Greek Mythological Allusions
By: Arjun Nair and Leah Vaile
Prepare to be amazed...
Eos was the rosy-fingered goddess of the dawn. She was not part of the 12 gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus.

Eos chap stick has a rosy colored container. Since Eos was the goddess of dawn what better time to put chap stick on then dawn?
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By: Arjun
By: Arjun
By: Arjun
By: Leah V.
By: Leah V.
By: Leah V.
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