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Las Vegas


Kimberley Adda

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Las Vegas

Las Vegas : SUMMARY
4. The water and electricity issues
3. What are the effects on the Mojave Desert?
5. What is being done to limit the effects 1. Brief description of Las Vegas
6. Conclusion Las Vegas !! Brief History Founded in May 1905 1931 : construction of Hoover Dam brings influx of construction workers and starts a population boom, gives the Valley's economy, which was in the grips of the Great Depression, a needed boost.

Illegal gambling for many years : officially legalized in March 1931 by Nevada state legislature. Growing population, and city,
more and more casinos in Sin City

1956, "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas"
sign is created by Betty Willis. Today : Population : 569 753 inhabitants 2007 : 39 million visitors. Represents about 70%
of the state of Nevada's income Fith most affected american city
by the 2008 financial crisis 4% less tourists, real estate prices fell by 41%... Style of life : the use of natural resources Las Vegas inhabitants' water source situated at 10km from the city Many luxurious hotels with fountains and swimming pools Many grassy areas that require watering But desert DROUGHTS ! Effects of human activity on Mojave Desert Effects on wildlife Ecosystem unable to sustain, animal species going extinct Mojave desert facts Area : 64,750 km2 0.04% total water surface Natural resources : water Current water supply From Lake Mead,
situated about 10km from Las Vegas But : water supply running out ! What is going to be put in place as a solution : $45 million spent on upgrading Lake Mead's water pumps But researchers believe that the water supply will go out by 2021 ! Limiting the effects : Poeple are asked to have cacti gardens instead of grass gardens People need to pay attention to their daily water consumption ! CONCLUSION Las Vegas (a.k.a Sin City) has caused over the years many problems to the environmental health of the region :

diminishing water level of Mead Lake

animal species going extinct

pollution... However : Many solutions are being put in place such as

alternative energy systems (abundant solar energy, hydro-electric energy...)

more funds going into the water pump systems Electricity Produced by COAL Th The most polluting Solar energy abundant by desert constant sunshine Hydro-electric but won't be able to be used for long because of decreasing water level of lake Mead THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATENTION ! Please feel free to ask any question ! 2.Activities in Las Vegas
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