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Jaago Foundation

No description

Monmoy Maahdie

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Jaago Foundation

JAAGO Foundation is a movement initiated by a group of young dedicated volunteers to break this vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy and set into motion the wheels of growth and prosperity for the poverty-stricken people of Bangladesh. Jaago is a civil society organization established in 2007. It's founder it Korvi Rakshand and their motto is to "Break The Cycle of Poverty Through Education". It currently has 8 schools spread all over the country providing free of cost education.
What is Jaago Foundation?
In April 2007, Korvi Rakshand, a law school graduate, started a charity program with some friends to distribute relief to the flood victims in the slums of Rayer Bazaar in Dhaka city. Later he expanded this program to establish the JAAGO Foundation with hopes of ‘breaking the cycle of poverty through education’. Although JAAGO originally started out by providing free of cost primary school education to the children of Rayer Bazaar, it slowly started to expand its activities for women empowerment and health awareness for the impoverished people of Bangladesh.
History Of Jaago
Jaago has mainly 4 functions to work properly. They are as it follows:
Function of Jaago
Success and Challenges
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education & Rebuilding Our Nation
Jaago Foundation
General Secretary
Project Manager
Education Department
Finance Department

Human Resources Department
Research & Development Department

Healthy Living
JAAGO students come from the poorest communities, where children suffer from malnutrition and other nutrition-related maladies. Without proper sustenance, learning can become very difficult as well.

The ‘Healthy Living’ project provides the students of JAAGO Foundation with nutritious foods every week, such as milk, eggs, bread, butter, jam and jelly. Instead of coming to school hungry or sick, the children are healthy and ready to learn.
First Aid Center
The first aid center, patronized by Novartis Bangladesh LTD was established on February 1 2010. This provides free treatment to Jaago students. As the students come from poorest regions and families of Bangladesh, they constantly face illness. So this gives access to medical support and it reduces child mortality. They hire a veteran doctor and well qualifies nurse to do this.
Call for Hygiene
Most slum dwellers actually do not know what hygiene is or how to use the various hygiene products available.So they constantly get sick. That is why JAAGO holds hygiene sessions every year, for students and their families to learn how to use these products to wash their hands, brush their teeth, clean their clothes, etc. This way the families can learn about hygiene and can avoid regular sickness. Jaago also provides hygiene products like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, detergent etc.
Sewing Center
The sewing center in Jaago is the first women empowerment project. It gives a job to the mothers of the students of Jaago. Jaago has their own clothing tag called 'Bacchara'. So with this the women gets a decent and safe environment to work in and express their ideas and creativity. And with the earned money they can help their families.
Provided free education to over 1400 underprivileged children
Reduced child mortality by teaching hygiene practices
Gave the children's family a job
Mentally strengthened the children
Prevented early childhood diseases
Improved health through nutritious food
Empowered women
Encouraged child and women rights in the society
Dropouts was a major challenge because when students don't show up in school it is harder to give quality education.
Trying to make over 1,00,000 people understand about child rights and that Jaago was there to help them because people thought that they were youths and their actions are ineffective
Lack of funds because to keep a running school alive and to follow their functions they need funds
Unable to prevent child marriage because most people don't understand and in the beginning they didn't believe Jaago.
Maintaining day to day running cost of the school
Their first responsibility to give each and every child quality education. They cannot skip anyone out and as their objective is to give education.
They should also think about disabled children as they are also people. Then their foundation will be more effective. They should provide all children with necessary resources because if children get sick they wont be able to attend school, especially
disabled children. They should not only focus on child rights but also encourage women because that is also a very crucial point.
They should give children more nutritious food especially the children who have more possibility of getting sick. Side by side
they should have more frequent hygiene sessions. They should also teach the children's parents about the rights so that they don't end up doing anything wrong (child marriage).
How Can We Help
One of the biggest help we can do is donation. If we donate our extra food or old stationery or clothes we can help their students. We can even engage in the activities or fundraisers they hold so that they have have the money for the children's needs. We can also donate which will be helpful. Or we could do our own fundraisers so that we can do something for them , like buy a sewing machine. And we can also make people know about jaago so that they can also help.
Bacchara is Jaago's own clothing tag and helps in selling the products made in the sewing center. So Jaago will get enough money to tackle financial challenges and encourage women rights

ADPEOPLE helps in advertising Jaago and letting maximum people know about Jaago and how they help them. So when people can know their rights they will get them. In a way the whole country is connected to Jaago.

Orphan Trust is helping Jaago in overcoming one of their challenges of maintaining day to day running costs. So
orphan trust ensures the school stays alive so that
students get high quality education.
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