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Is a Quinceanera celebration different from a Sweet 16 celeb

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casi cordova

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Is a Quinceanera celebration different from a Sweet 16 celeb

Sweet 16 dresses
Facts about a Quinceanera
In Mexico, the passage from girlhood to adulthood is commemorated with the Quinceanera, which is known as when a girl turns fifthteen. The Quinceanera is a celebration of a girl's sexual maturity and this new status of reaching an age of which she can be married.
Quinceanera Dresses
Facts about Sweet 16
The sweet sixteen party is an American tradition to commemorate the passage from girl to woman, celebrated in the U.S. and Canada with anything from a casual party at home to an elaborate ball. Every family marks the sixteenth birthday with a different style.

Quinceanera Cakes
Sweet 16 cakes
The Last Doll
By: Casi Cordova
The last doll is when the girl that is the Quinceanera gets her last doll since she is growing up. The girl then has to dance with the doll at the party, but it's optional.
The shoe ceromony is when the Quinceanera girl walks into the ballroom wearing flats or sandals. Then the father of the girl changes her shoes to a heel to represent girlhood to adulthood.
The Shoe Ceremony
The Father Daughter Dance
The father daughter dance is when la Quinceanera is about to begin the dance party. In the Sweet 16 it is optional but in the Quinceanera it is traditionally. If the Quincenera's father isn't at the party then the Quinceanera has to dance with a relative or her dad.
Candlelight Ceremony
The Candlelight Ceremony is when there is 16 candles and 16 people have to say special memories, or jokes that reminds them of when their childhood.
Quinceanera Decorations
We know that the decorations are the same because they both express who the person is so that's why the celebrations are unique.
Special Mass
A special mass is traditional in the Quincenera's, but in the Sweet 16's they don't have a special mass.Then the father has to give the girl a special pray.
Our hypothesis was correct. Quinces and Sweet 16's are different.
Quinces Celebration
A quinceanera has years worth of vast history.
It was firsst originated by the Azrecs and the Mayans.
It was later adapted by the Spanish Catholics that conquered the South America.
Significance of a Quincenera
The siginificance of a Quinceanera is turning into a woman.
You have many emotinal and tradionlal events
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