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Joulumessut 2014

No description

Festë Isufi

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Joulumessut 2014

Hauskaa tekemistä koko perheelle
A fun day for the whole family!
Laaja messuosasto ja erinomainen mahdollisuus tehdä jouluostoksia!
A big fair with shopping possibilities!
Muotinäytös ja nimekkäitä esiintyjiä
Visit the fashion show and meet famous people
Joulumessujen tuotto lahjoitetaan jälleen kokonaisuudessaan hyväntekeväisyyteen.
The profit is given for charity

We present you:
Benjamin Kärki
"Surprise me!"
General Secretary
Lauri Petäjä
"Go make me a catchy statement"
Director of
Internal Communcation
Director of
Human Resources
Director of Marketing
Hanna Nurminen
"Let's spread the word!"
Ksenia Tantsurina
"Work hard, play harder!"
Anna Katasonova
"Let's make it happen!"
Director of Logistics
Alexander Kärki
"We can make it fit, How?
...push really, really hard."
Director of Program
Hanna Mustasilta
"I've been thinking about this but
cant come up with anything!"
Director of Sales
Ville Hölttä
"Mission I'm Possible"
Manager of
Licenses and Permits
Manager of
Human Resources
Tiina Uusi-Rasi
"Are you sure you're allowed to?"
Maria Koppanen
"Success comes through people."
Manager of Marketing
Aleksi Ahola
"Let them know!"
Manager of Logistics
Timi Sallinen
"Let's do this nyt!"
Manager of Program
Lend Hadri
"'We will 'lend' you the
show for one day, so you'll
remember it for the rest of the year'"
Bich Tram Vu
"'Nothing works without content'"
Manager of Sales
Matti Salakka
Manager of Finances
Blendina Avdijaj
"Money is my thing"
Manager of
Fashion Show
Anya Tantsurina
"Let's fashion things up!"
Manager of
Construction and Decoration
"The final judge in decorating
is not the logic of the mind, but the logic of the eye."
Veronika Gramotina
Social Media
ICT Specialist
Festë Isufi
"You are what you share!"
Niclas Björkman
"I have no idea what to say."
The most enthusiastic team of Joulumessut 2014
Explore freely!
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