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Copy of How to write a Business letter

No description

Lisa Kliebert

on 22 January 2012

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Transcript of Copy of How to write a Business letter

How to Write a
Business Letter Inside
Address Date Sender's
Address Closing The closing begins is the last statement of your letter.

Capitalize the first word only.

Leave four lines between the closing and the sender's name for a signature.

Examples: Thank you,
Thanks for your time, The sender's address is included in letterhead.
Do not write the sender's name.
It includes:
street address
city, state and zip code.
The inside address is the recipient's address.

This include a personal title such as:
Ms., Mrs., Mr., or Dr.

The date line is used to indicate the date the letter was written. Salutation This is when you great your reader.
It is good to use,
"Dear Mr.", "Dear Mrs.", or "Dear Ms."
If you don't know a reader's gender, use:
"To Whom It May Concern." Body Text PRACTICE! Now that we know what's included in a business letter. Let's create our own! Business letters are used to:
- compliment
- complain
- comment The body text should be:
single spaced
an extra space in between each paragraph
have a friendly greeting
statement about the main point
support the main point
conclusion should restate the purpose of writing the letter Topics to choose from:
Fast food places that are:
slow, rude or mess up.
Online video games that always kick you off.
School board lunch department because there aren't enough food choices served for lunch.
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