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Lewis Carroll

Mathamatician, Logician, Author, and Everything Awesome

Kallen Stadtfeld

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Lewis Carroll

LEWIS CARROLL Mathamatician, Logician, Author, Inspiration Lewis Carroll was born on January 27th, 1832. In 1850
he began attending Oxford University's Christian Church
College. He graduated in 1854 at the top of his class.
He studied mathematics, logic, and religion. As soon as he graduated, he became a math teacher there.
He wrote many books about math under his real name (Char-
les Dodgeson). He became good friends with the dean of the
college and started to join him on family excursions, like
picnics. This is how he met the dean's three daughters. Carroll started telling stories to entertain
the sisters, about the adventures of the one
he was particularly fond of- Alice.

Carroll never expected to publish these stories.
But Alice loved these stories and begged Carroll
to write them down. So, he did. Originally titled 'Alice's Adcentures Under Ground',
the now collective version of the stories he told
the Liddell sisters, 'Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland',
was published in 1865 with 2,000 copies, which sold as
fast as hotcakes (in other words, it was popular) Carroll then later wrote 'Through the
Looking Glass and What Alice Found There'
as a sequel to the orignal Alice book. It
was published in 1871. Lewis Carroll wrote some other children's
novels, but none were as popular or well-
known as the Alice books. He was also big
into poetry. His most famous poem is 'Jabberwocky", which is featured in 'Through
the Looking Glass', and was also a big contributor to the new Tim Burton 'Alice' film. Lewis Carroll also enjoyed photography.
Like similar children's authors (such as
the author of 'Peter Pan') Lewis Carroll
was always fascinated by little girls and
their imaginations, so he grew up and never
got married. Alice Liddel did marry, though.
Neither are alive today. Lewis Carroll died
on January 14th, 1898 of violent pnemounia.
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