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Website Evaluation

No description

Tracy McFarland

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation
Marlene Delapaz & Tracy McFarland
Tips & Ideas
Timeliness & Accuracy
When was the page created or last updated?
Is the information current or relevant to the topic?
Are there broken links or inoperable video or audio?
Is the information from a reliable source or is there misinformation?
Target Audience
Who is the information meant for?
Is it appropriate for your child?
Does it contain inappropriate language, pictures, or links?
Is the layout consistent

Monitor what websites your children are using.
Have a discussion about internet safety and the importance of not giving out personal information.
Be aware of social media sites.
Give credit to authors or sites if information is used including pictures and videos.

Who is the author? Are they reliable experts?
What is the intention of the author?
When was the site created or when was it last updated?
Where does the information come from?
.com=comercial businesses
.net=network organizations
.org=organizations-usually nonprofit
.gov=US Government Agencies
.edu=educational institutions
Why is this information more useful than another website?
City Muse Magazine (2012) No, no, no. Retreived from http://citymusemagazine.com/2012/02/15/3-little-girls/3-little-girls-see-no-evil-speak-no-evil-hear-no-evil/

Green, Tim. (2001) Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate Web Pages. The Clearing House, 75 (1), 32-34

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Schrock, Kathy. (2007). The ABCs of Website Evaluation. Retreived from http://www.kathyschrock.net/abceval/

ThinkStock Photo (2012) Retreived from
Use kid friendly websites such as:
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