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The weapons of the Civil War

No description

Aries Brett

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The weapons of the Civil War

The weapons of the Civil War

The categories of weapons
There was four categories of weapons used in the Civil War.
-small arms
-edged weapons

And then there was the different ammunition for all the shooting weapons.

A Columbiad was a heavy iron artillery piece that could shoot a shell at a high angle of elevation using a heavy powder charge. Columbiads were classified as seacoast defense weapons and were placed in fortification along rivers or other waterways. Unlike guns, and Howitzeres, the Columbiads saw very little action in the field.
Small arms
There was two separate categories of small arms used in the Civil War. Cavalry and Infantry. Cavalry was soldiers who fought on horseback. Infantry was soldiers marching or fighting on foot. These soldiers from both cavalry and infantry both used small guns or rifles. The cavalry often used firearms that could easily be loaded. On both the Union and the Confederate the infantryman carried .58 or .577 caliber rifle-muskets.

By Aries Brett
-whistling dick
-The "Dictator"
-Brook gun

-Dahlgren gun
-The "swamp" angle
-Parrott cannon
-Ordnance rifle
-Blakely rifle
Although rifles and handguns were becoming more and more popular, the classic cannon was still used in the Civil War. A cannon is a large, heavy piece of artillery, often placed on wheels, mainly used in warfare. The A13-inch "The Dictator", the M1857 12-pounder "Napoleon" and the "Whistling Dick", were classified as cannons as well.
The "Whistling Dick"-
A well known cannon used by the Confederacy during the Civil War was "Whistling Dick".It was a iron-18 pounder siege and garrison, was known for the whistling sound made by the gun when it was shot.It was used at the river defense at Vicksburg in 1863.
The "Dictator"
The A13-inch seacoast mortar cannon weighed in at 17,000 pounds. The "Dictator could fire 200 pound shells at a distance of exactly 2 miles. It was used in the siege of Petersburg, Virginia in 1864.
The "Napoleon"
The M1857 12-pounder"Napoleon" was first made in in France in 1853. It was the Main cannon used by both the Northern and Southern armies in the Civil War. This 12-caliber cannon was covered in bronze and is known for it's trademark muzzel swell.
The Cannon
A Howitzer is a type of artillery characterized by a short barrel and with a steep angle of decent. It was originally intended for siege warfare, they were particularly useful for delivering cast-iron shells filled with gunpowder.
The Brook Gun was similar to the Parrott cannon, but was different in the number of bands around the breech. It's rifling was similar to the Blakley rifle and came in a various amount of calibers.
The Brook Gun
Blakley Rifle
The Blakely rifle was one of a series of muzzle-loading rifles. It's a cannon designed by a british army officer, Captain Theophilus Alexander Blakely. Many models had been made. "The Widow Blakely" a 7.5 inch rifle was used by the Confederates at the defenses in Vickburg, Mississippi in 1863

Edged Weapons
-bowie knives
A bayonet is a knife, sword, or spike shaped weapon designed to fit in, on, or over the muzzle of a rifle, or similar weapon It turns a gun basically into a spear. It's a close-quarter or last-resort weapon.
A sword is a weapon with a long metal blade and hilt used for striking or thrusting. The sword is also known as a symbol of leadership.
A saber is a heavy cavalry sword with a curved blade and a single cutting-edge. The saber-like style sword has been used since the medieval period.
A pike is an infantry weapon with a pointed steel or iron head on a large wooden shaft. The pikes were rarely ever used. The Confederacy often used pikes because they could arm the troops easily.
A lance was a long weapon having a
wooden shaft and a steel head.
It was similar to the pike,
but had a more blunt end.
It was used to batter more than to kill.
Bowie Knife-
A bowie knife was a long knife with a blade that was double-edged at the point.
To be continued...
A grenade is a small bomb thrown by hand or mechanically. The most popular hand grenade model had been the Ketchum grenade. It was made to be thrown like a dart.
The Confederacy often did experiments with Congreve rockets, a british-designed explosive.
Land mines-
A land mine is a bomb laid just under the surface of the ground Land mines were more used by the Confederate side then the Union.
Whistling Dick
The End
Or is it...?
Whirled Peas!!
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