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The Messenger, Father O'Reilly, Clubs

No description

Tom Borg

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of The Messenger, Father O'Reilly, Clubs

Explain the message and the task that Ed has to complete?
Ed, after much deliberation, decides that the message he needs to convey to father O’Reilly is simply for him to be heard. For him to be regarded amongst the community as important; though in order to achieve this, Ed must complete something of a large scale.
He does this, through the ‘Meet a priest day”. Which is aimed to attract as many visitors as possible, in order to expand father O’Reilly’s audience number. Free food and beer are provided, as well as activities for children, and Ed thinks of everything possible in order to attract citizens.

What is the effect of the message being delivered – on Ed? On the other characters?
This message in particular, strikes Ed personally, as we find throughout the novel that each message ignites a small piece in him; however father O’Reilly and his willingness to care, influences Ed in a way perhaps unexpected to him. He finds a friend in Ed, as does he in father O’Reilly. Father’s brother Tony, finds the courage to reconnect with him, further increasing the situation outcome.
This message also provides an adjoining moment between Ed and Marv, uniting them in a conjoint liking of doing the wrong thing, and enjoying it. Through the success of the open day we find that all members of the community are brought together in a mutual respective state.

Evaluate how this episode fits into the rising action.
By this stage in the novel, the success of his messages and their positive impact upon the people around him, begin to develop a sense of importance for Ed in his bearing of these messages. Furthermore, Ed begins to enjoy the prospect of success through these messages, grasping onto the hope that he perhaps can make a change. This creates momentum, in the sense that the reader wonders how and what he will do in order to accomplish the next message, and whether his progress so far is directed towards something.
What happens in this episode? (Outline the events)
-Ed finds the brother of father O’Reilly, who provides him with information.
-Consults father O’Reilly, and feels sympathy at his unfortunate situation. After which he determines that Father deserves to be heard by as many people as possible, and in order to do so, founds the ‘meet a priest day”
-Ed and Marv decide to display details of the event as publicly as possible. The two take to the roads of the town in the night, and spray paint the details of the event.
-The day is extremely successful, resulting in an influx of followers.

Father O'Reilly Message
Who are the characters involved? (Describe them using short quotations from the text to back you up).
The most prominent characters in this message are:
Ed: Inquisitive, yet unsure of himself, who seems weak in his decisions and open minded to anything useful to progress through his mundane life. He doesn’t know where to go, nor what he is here to do. Perhaps the topic of this message baring benefits him also? “ No real career. No respect in the community. Nothing”
Marv: Cynical to say the least, Marv is stubborn, dryly humorous and extremely attached to his car. His refusal to consider outside opinions makes for someone considered by his peers as uptight, stingy and occasionally unpleasant. However rises to the occasion when Ed needs him most. “There’s Marv who never shuts up, sitting there trying to smoke cigars and simultaneously enjoys it.”
Father O’Reilly: A pastor who sees the good in all, and expects nothing in return for it. A true advocate for altruism, and despite his sufficient economic state, is not materialistic, and lives amongst the poorest in his community. Father cares about nothing more than the good brought to those by his church, and thereby his words. However receives little credit for this. “You know, they say that there are countless saints who have nothing to do with church and almost no knowledge. But they say God walks with those people without them ever knowing it”

What is the card for this section? Is it symbolic or significant in any way?
Father O’Reilly is situated in the ace of clubs, which has written “say a prayer at the stones of home .“ This perhaps is an indication that ‘saying a prayer’ relates to the likes of father O’Reilly, and his involvements in religion. This could also imply, that ‘surviving the clubs’ could be an indication of the idea of a church environment-otherwise a club.
Thanks for watching
By Helene, Jared, Georgie and Tom
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