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Code Talker By Joseph Bruchac

No description

Roni Quintana

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Code Talker By Joseph Bruchac

Code Talker Joseph Bruchac Characters Setting Conflict Theme Raising Action Media Connections Kii Yazhi Main Character Throughout the story, Kii is thrown head-first into challenges. One of the first challenges he is thrown into is boarding school where Kii is told over and over that the way of life that he was brought up by is wrong and nothing about it is good: "Tradition is the enemy of progress" as it was stated in on a large wooden sign in front of the mission. Kii at first was unsure and rather scared of what was to come of his way, but as time went on, he became more and more determined to learn more English and the way of the white men but still kept the ways of the Navajo near to his heart. Kii always keeps this determination, even when he was forced into the front line of World War II as a Navajo code talker. Character Development The rising action in this story is when Kii and other men in his unit are first sent out to war. I say this, because this is where the rock somewhat gets rolling. It's where most of the story takes place from there on out. The theme of Code Talker is always be yourself and never change just because one person asks you to. I say this, because throughout the first half of the book, Kii is told that his Navajo lifestyle is wrong and nothing about it is good. But, no matter how many times Kii is told this, he still keeps to his way of life. In this part of the story, Kii faced many challenges, but the main one was him trying to keep to Native lifestyle while still trying to learn the ways of the white men. Ever since mission school, Kii was told that there was nothing good about the Navajo way of life. Kii is a young resilient man who was sent away by his uncle to a boarding school so he could learn English to help his family more in the long run. Kii wants to do his best and spends every minute trying to learn more as news of World War 2 breaking out Kii wants to help join the fight. Click the link below to the hear the setting http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6815600&height=400&width=300 On July 25, 2001, President Bush stood before a huge crowd to honor 29 men who served 56 years ago as the Navajo Code talkers. The reason why I chose this speech was because of the way Bush explained what a Navajo code talker was and how much honor they served with. He also explained their importance in war. In the speech he says, 'With all these honors, America pays tribute to the tradition and committee that produced such great men, the Navajo Nation." Here ,Bush is explaining how strong tradition that was almost forgotten still is and how much America needed it during World War II. Giving a simple answer to the question what is the resolution to the book Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac is near impossible. The answer I found was rather confusing at first so please bear with me. Resolution The falling action of the book Code Talker By Joseph Bruchac is a rather quick and simple one compared to the raising action.
Falling Action Fun things to Know! The Navajo referred to themselves as the Dine'é which mean 'The People'.
Nearly 150,000 Navajo's still speak their native tongue today!
Bel-ih-kah'nah means America in the Navajo Language.
As Kii enlisted in the American Marines, he got to began to learn the codes. The codes where simple things like America was 'our mother' in Navajo. He quickly excelled in basic training. The only issue he really had there was when it came time to swim where he was thrown into the pool with out the slightest clue on how to swim. After Kii had passed boot camp with flying colors. He was sent to the front lines paired with a Marine, that he didnt really know or understand. He was picked on for simply being a native american. After Kii helped out some of the other men who had been wounded he somewhat earned his place. He was happy being able to speak his own tongue. He was back to somewhat living in the same he was raised in. For more fun facts and things on the Navajo way of life check out
As the war come to a close Japan had surrendered. The group of Code talkers danced and sang in Navajo. Upon coming home Kii walks into a bar a sing just above the bar reads "No Indians Severed!". Some of the men just looked at him asking him he knew how to read. Kii, being the repeactful man he was just replied "I dont want an indian, I'm just a thiristy Marine who wants a coke". Even after that the bartended still had Kii thrown out of the bar! But that was only the start of living back in the civilian way of life. Kii, began to have flashbacks of the war.
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