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3D indoor navigation system

Eva van der Laan

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of DaRen

MSc Geomatics Students
Synthesis Project 2013

Finalizing phase
How can a 3D indoor navigation application be developed, which provides the real time location of the user based on Wi-Fi technology?

Wuhan, China
Joint Research Centre with Wuhan University of Technoloy
System Components
Mobile Device
Web Service
Fingerprinting is based on matching measured signal strengths of access points with a previously created map of the local signal strengths

Offline phase; collect data for the
radio map and obtaining a unique
signature of signal strengths of local
access points at the research area

Online phase; the comparison of
the received signal strengths to the
radio map and in that way give the
approximate location of the user
Triangulation is used to extract network in each room:
Route Determination
Startnode -> provided through localization
Endnode -> povided by user

Shortestpath algorithm used for route determination.
A* selects nodes that are closest to the source node and uses heuristic function for guidance
3D Model
Does it work?
Future Implementations
Unity3D game engine
Birdseye view
Possible implementation of DaRen app for transportations hubs like airports and train stations.

Most common wayfinding problems can be solved by the Daren Application. Common wayfinding problems are for example difficulties to identify current position and determining the route.

However, full implementation of the DaRen application is time consuming and a full WLAN-infrastructure is necessary.
This project has shown the potential of a 3D indoor navigation system:
- Own localization method which localizes and monitors the visitors
- Semi-automatic extraction of the network
- Application serves both visitor and museum
Our own Method:
Wi-Fi monitored fingerprinting
Users location
Calculated location
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