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Grab that Color and Run

An Exercise in Color Capture Applications

Betty Torrell

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Grab that Color and Run

Short History of Graphic Communication What does the evolution of digital communication mean to interior designers? Technological Changes Societal Changes Current Trends in Graphic Communication A Color Study Using a Color Capture App The App as a Graphics Communication Tool kravet.com hgtv.com Informational Websites Informational Websites Sharing Websites Sharing Websites Visualization Websites Visualization Websites Technical Websites Digital Journals potterybarn.com pinterest.com houzz.com armstrong.com sherwinwilliams.com benjaminmoore.com benjaminmoore.com benaminmoore.com itunes.com sherwinwilliams.com sherwinwilliams.com Torrell Architects Graphic Communication in the Design Process Ideation Presentation Documentation blurb.com printmag.com itunes.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/donnali/6677471261/ irodori.com irodori.com www.colorhexa.com blurb.com blurb.com onlinedeisgnteacher.com Interior Design Time Line historyofinformation.com Past Trends in Graphic Communication Early Cave Painting Early Rock Drawings Early Papyrus Early Drawing Board Early Wax Coated Tablets Early Site Plan Early Quill Pen Early Writing Table Early Architectural Drawing Early Camera Obscura Early Portfolio Early Perspective Early Printed Page with Color Early Pencil Early Copying Mechanism Early Lithograph Early Blueprint Early Presentation Technique Early Mass Marketing-Catalogue Early Colored Pencils Early Color Film Photograph Early Personal Computor Early Scanner Early BIM Early World Wide Web Early Smart Phones Early Color Capture App nationalgeographic.com historyofinformation.com britishmuseum.org wikepedia.com historyofinformation.com members.mutimania.co.uk Seanger, Space Between Words, The Origin of Silent Reeding stgallplan.org wikepedia Morosco, How to Work with an Architect popscreen.com artlearner.wordpress.com historyofinformation.com hubpages.com wikepedia.com polymetal.nl/beguin/map/lithodefinition thearttribune.com archives.williams.edu searsmodernhome.com 123rf.com kottke.org gizmodo.com paperscanners.com cad/com-fundamentals.com Early CADD tutorius.net computorhigh.org futureofmobileandrsm.wordpress.com benaminmorre.com A Finished Template Investigate Color Apps Choose a Color Capture App Document Your Landscape Create a Color Palette Create a Color Scheme Identify Your Color Scheme Document Your Color Scheme Document Your Color Study Present Your Color Study Proprietary Color Capture App Open Source Color Capture App How Does the App Work? Creating a Color Palette Sharing with Color Capture App Characteristics of Color Apps (Circa 30,000 BCE) (Circa 3,750 BCE) (Circa 2,900 BCE) (Circa 3,750 BCE) (Circa 800 BCE) (Circa 500 AD) (Circa 700 AD) (Circa 715 AD) (Circa 820 AD) (Circa 1,012 AD) (Circa 1100 AD) (Circa 1400 AD) (Circa 1460 AD) (Circa 1564 AD) (Circa 1605 AD) (Circa 1796 AD) (Circa 1842 AD) (Circa 1850 AD) (Circa 1908) (Circa 1920) (Circa 1930) (Circa 1965) (1982) (1982) (1987) (1989) (1987) (2009) The End GRAB THAT COLOR AND RUN wikepedia.com Trends in Digital Communication
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