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Spanish workshop

No description

Jordan Patterson

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Spanish workshop

Preterite Workshop Jaime Clipp Paco Spencer Antonio Patterson Mercedes Taylor Review Review 1. Used to show that actions were begun or completed at specific times in the past.
2. Used with al+infinitive or en cuanto, which marks the begining of an event or situation.
3. MUUUUYYY irregulars:
poner:pus- saber:sup-
venir:vin- traer:traj-
querer:quis- **on traer and decir: drop the "i" in the Uds., ellas, ellos form** 4. Ir and ser are the same in the preterite:
fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron Indicators Time markers like
anoche-last night
este fin de semana-last weekend
el verano pasado-last summer
are often used with preterite. Meaning Changes conocer:changes from know(s) in the present to--->met, first saw in preterite

saber:changes from know(s) in the present to--->found out, realized in preterite

querer:changes from want(s) in the present to--->tried to, meant to in preterite

no querer:changes from do not want i the present to--->to wouldn't, didnt't mean to
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