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Ellis, M- Endangered Species

No description

makenna ellis

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Ellis, M- Endangered Species

Ailurus Fulgens/ Red Panda Scientific and Common Name * Red Pandas have large teeth

* They have sharp claws similar to a cats

* The tail alone is 12-20 inches long

* the tail doubles the body length

* Has a ringed tail. Description: * Red Pandas live in the foot of the Himalayas

* Live in mountain forests

* They can be found in China and parts of Southern Asia Habitat: * Red Pandas eat 400lbs of bamboo per day

* Also eat berries acorns and eggs

* Red Pandas are herbivores Diet: * They are hunted for their looks

* Hunted for pelts

* They are Under The Cuteness Curse Causes of Endangerment: * They are being put in zoos so they cant be hunted

* They're in over 80 in the world.

* There are only 2,500 adult Red Pandas left. Conservation Efforts: * Red Pandas are Semi-Nocturnal

* Slow and clumsy on the ground, but agile in trees

* Evolved From the Giant Panda Fascinating Facts
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