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PSE10: Week 3

Third PSE10 class in the nine-week series, with instructor Kelly Parke.

Kelly Parke

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of PSE10: Week 3

with instructor Kelly Parke PSE10: Memes, Masking and More Check homework:
- Penguin folder
- Zoo folder
- Day at the Zoo folder
- Smart Album: Best Animal Shots
- Lesson 3 tags Review Chapters 2 & 3 Import lesson 4 & tag housekeeping
Explore artwork library in content panel, steps 1-10
Create greeting card
print, save, order online or email
Size and theme, steps 1-4
Positioning and replacing frames, steps 1-6
Replacing background, steps 1-3
Adding graphics from content library, steps 1-2
Text, steps 1-6 on pages 98-100
Layers, steps 1-4
More text,steps 1-10 Chapter 4 Test, try and buy fonts:
myfonts.com, fonts.com

Love type:
typophile.com Type Resources Mini quiz
Off the grid! Make A Meme Create photobooklet on pgs. 105-120
Review questions on pg 121
Read Chapter 5 Homework :) Homework

Due beginning of class next week Overview
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