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College Readiness

No description

Christian Mitchell

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of College Readiness

For Your Blessing?
After graduation its time to think about college.
College is where you find out who you really are and what your passionate about. You will meet new people and find new friends. You will be involve in different programs and clubs. And most of all you will freedom from your parents, teachers, life. So the question is???
Are your ready for the next level?
Are you ready?
Your first have to apply for the college you want to go and wait for your acceptance letter. After you've been accepted you really need to do your financial aid and FASFA so you can you can do housing before the dorms are full for freshman. Also do your meal plans, scholarships and grants out of the way. This one of the first steps for college.
For Your Miracle?
After you done your housing and you have your room & board paid off, you now have to pick your classes for your schedule. This is very important because it's time to pick your major.
This part of college is where you finally get your bags and belongings and move out your parents house to pursue your education on a higher level.
Saying Goodbye
This is one of the hardest part of leaving for college. When you tell the people who prepared you for this opportunity goodbye.
New Roommate!
Once you move into your new dorm you will meet your new roommate(s). You may like that person or you won't, but you first need to lay down the rules with your roommate(s).
Special Programs and Clubs
You're on campus and you'll have the freshman orientation where you meet new people, start new clubs and extra-curricular activities, or fraternities or sororities.
You are officially a college student!
By this time you will have your college ID stating that you attend that particular university.

College Readiness
Are you Ready?
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