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One Direction!

This prezi tells you about One Direction! Enjoy!:)

shikha sharma

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of One Direction!

Fans! Did any of you know that Liam Payne
tried out for X Factor a year before any of the other members, but he was not picked. Could you imagine if he was picked he would have not been in One direction it would be so different and in fact there wouldn't even be One Direction! NICKNAMES This is there Take Me Home album songs,
there are 17 songs in there Take Me Home Album! P.S My favorite song is Rock Me! ONE DIRECTION! One Direction started there career on
Xfactor and, they ended up coming third.
While they were on Xfactor they would
make video diaries for there fans
also known as directioners! Now
know! Even if they came
third they are well
known all over the
world, and they have
so many fans! They
have probably done
concerts all over the
world by now! The picture above is a website that fans have created! What Makes You Beautiful
was there first song and it was a huge hit! That was just there
first song they have so many more they have two albums
they are Take Me Home & Up
All Night! There are five members there names are:
-Liam Payne!:D
-Harry Styles!:D
-Louis Tomlinson!:D
-Zayn Malik!:D
-Niall Horan!:D Did you know that they
have there own stores
all over the world I
would love to go there
wouldn't you. They also have nick names here they are..............
-Liam-Daddy Direction
-Zayn-D.J Malik Where they started! -Harry Styles -Louis Tomlinson -Liam Payne -Niall Horan -Zayn Malik HOW THEY
LOOK! That's all for today folks I hope you learned at least One Thing:) about One Direction!:) -SHIKHA
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