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What's a kilogram?

PBL for 5th grade Science and Math measurement.

hey hi

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of What's a kilogram?

How Much is a Kilo? Problem You are traveling overseas. Your mom asks you to go to the grocer and buy potatoes, milk and yarn. She tells you how much of each item to get. But, you weren't paying attention.

When you get to the grocer, you ask for 500 kilometers of potatoes, 20 milligrams of milk, and 5 centiliters of yarn. He laughs until tears spill from his eyes. His body still shaking with laughter, he tells you, "your measurements do not make any sense!" You can't go back to your mom empty-handed. You need to get your measurements correct! What you know... What is a gram?
What is a liter?
What is a meter? Another Need-To-Know: The grocer has decided to help you out. Draw a table with 2 columns. But not quite... You're almost done ... 500 kilometers of potatoes 20 milligrams of milk 5 centiliters of yarn You got 3 measurements wrong. You know that different tools are used to take different measurements. Under "Data & Results"... Look at the items in the grocer's bag. Label each column as follows; "Metric" & "Customary" Write the name, metric & customary measurements of each bagged item. What is a centi? But what about... What is a milli? Match up mom's grocery item with the correct measurement. What is a kilo? Do your numbers make sense? Conclusion Which is the largest?
Which is the smallest? How many milli can you put in one centi?

How many centi can you put in one kilo? 2 centimeters of yarn 30 milliliters of milk 100 kilograms of potatoes Use p. EM1 in Science textbook. Put it all on a prezi Turn your experience into
a story for little kids. Start with Pre-Writing They are: Do it: Write a short summary of the problem
in your notebook. Here are some tools you Need-To-Know: Do it: Draw and write the names of each tool. Which tool measures what? Write "Need-To-Know" in your
notebook. Write "Problem." Do it: Copy the title on a new page in your notebook. Add it to your table of content. Do it: Write "What-You-Know" under your problem summary. Copy all the Knows as you read them. Got it: Do it:
Write "Data & Results." Hypothesize the answer to the Need-To-Know questions. Write "Hypothesis." Did you make any connections yet? Write down any observations you noticed. Don't think your observations are not important or big enough. Example: Grams should be used for __________________. Liters should be used for ___________________. Meters should be used for __________________. Do it:
Write "Conclusion."
Write a detailed answer to the question. Give him the correct measurements.

Make a poster to present to the class. Go back to the Grocer
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