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Pringles Logo History

No description

Bryan Guila

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Pringles Logo History

The Pringles Logo
Along with the name, the company needed a logo for their potato crisps, so "Julius Pringles" was born. Originally, Julius represented a man's head in that he had a bushy black moustache, eyes, eyebrows, and parted black hair.
Pringles logo from 1979 -1986
A few details where added including a lower lip and the red eyes where removed.
Pringles Logo from 1986 - 1996
In 1986, The apostrophe was dropped. The eyes significally changed.
The history of Pringles
The man who invented Pringles Potato Crisps

It was invented by Alexander Liepa of Montgomery, Ohio. So to clarify, his surname is not Pringles and the face of the label is definitely not him.
Pringles Logo from 1996 - 2002
Mr. Pringles' rosy cheeks and visible mouth disappeared in the late 1990s.
Naming the brand "Pringles"

they picked a name out of the Cincinnati telephone directory. They saw "Pringle Avenue" in Finneytown, Ohio. They liked the sound of "Pringle", so they baptized their product with it.
This was the very first logo of
Pringles used from 1967 - 1979.
This logo was also brought
back in 2011 for a series of
"Rewind Edition" of Pringles
In 2002 -2009, The eyebrows were dropped and a red bow tie was added to Mr. Pringles.
2009 - present
A more jazzed up version of Mr. Pringles and the "i" is dotted with a chip.
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