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Portfolio Presentation

Taking a highlighter to the jumble of experiences from student teaching that are knocking around in my head looking for an audience to clean themselves up for.

Kasey Dutro

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Portfolio Presentation

High Expectations
for ALL Learners Building a Learning Community
based in R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Valid Assessments OF & FOR Learning Scaffolding Monitoring Learning &
Adjusting Strategies Building Habits
of Mind Student Engagement Individual
Feedback Student Choice Laying the Foundation
Instructions Quality NOT Quantity Taylor Swift Song Comparison to Speak Writing about the Comparison using format for final Soundtrack Project Revisions over T. Swift Comparison Writing Graphic Organizer for Soundtrack Project Rubric + Writing Guide (matched T. Swift writing guide) for Final Project Classtime for Research & Writing Common Mistakes Sheet Filled Out for Each Student's First Paragraph One Week for Revisions Citing Quotations Mini-Lesson Reading Quizzes Motivation to do homework OR checking for understanding? -Focusing on HOW to get there
-Not leaving students to try to imagine what they should be doing when they are unfamiliar with the task
-Giving instruction where YOU wouldn't need it
-Making expectations CLEAR EXAMPLE: Romeo & Juliet Multi-Genre Project EXAMPLE: Figurative Language in Speak EXAMPLE: Soundtrack Project EXAMPLE: Romeo & Juliet Multi-Genre Project Giving students choices to increase ownership, interest, & appeal to their strengths Reaching Students at all Ability Levels Helping students from where THEY are at to promote student learning & growth EXAMPLE: Romeo & Juliet Multi-Genre Project When reading, discover whether or not students have an understanding of the foundational elements of a text before moving on to higher levels of understanding EXAMPLE: Speak "Panel of Experts" Find ways to build habits of the mind in terms of students' language skills. EXAMPLE: Common Errors: Soundtrack Project If students find something interesting, they will struggle through it no matter how difficult. Student engagement seems to be the key! EXAMPLE: WDC Documentary Discussion High School classrooms: ALL ABOUT respect of various forms Respect for Assignments & Learning Earned through:
-Effective Classroom Management
-Tapping into Student Engagement
-Displaying Student Work
-Student Presentations
-Valid Assessments
-Productive Assignments
-Individual Feedback EXAMPLE: Bulletin Board Respect for Teacher Earned by being:
-Firm & Strict
-Caring & Understanding
-Treating discipline not as a personal thing but as a matter of your duty to create a productive & positive learning environment Respect for Peers Fostered through:
-Explicit Instruction
-Teacher as role model
-Classroom Rules
-Collaborative Work EXAMPLE: Classroom Discussion Rules EXAMPLE: Absentee Notebook Am I assessing my learning goals? What kind of assessment can I do for that incorporates the process of learning the material and/or skills? Are there any extraneous factors that could affect student performance unnecessarily? How am I preparing students for this assessment? Major Questions Scenario #3: Poetry Test Scenario # 2: Multi-Genre Project Scenario # 1:
Grammar Problems:
-Not addressing students' actual everyday needs in terms of translation into formal English
-Dull & obscure subject matter
-Long sentences- most of students' effort went into copying down sentences Old New Assessment FOR Learning because:
-Scaffolding throughout unit for higher level thinking required of this project
-Featured the creation of various forms of narrative writing including writing from another person's perspective
-Incorporated analysis of the play & a closer second reading through the assessment
-Incorporated student choice
-Worked on independent work skills/learning Problems:
-Too many matching questions & answers = confusing
-Vocabulary terms isolated & out of context
-Few questions about poems (even though this unit was mostly composed of poetry analysis) = did not test taught material
-Actual poems not found on test= testing students' memorization and not their ability to analyze
-Difficult for students to prepare for Old New
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