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Disaster Movies

No description

sabrina yuen

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Disaster Movies

Disaster Films The Genre The Disaster Movie Timeline What is a disaster movie? The History Typical Camera Shots Characters Disaster Movies Catastrophes in different forms - mostly man-made or natural. They can be either impending or ongoing, or they can exist locally or globally. Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods etc.) Most Common Disaster Movies Accidents (skyscraper fires, plane crashes, etc) Planetary-related (asteroids or meteors off-course) criminally-instigated (bombs planted in planes etc) alien invasions and rampaging creatures (often mutant) nuclear-related crises millennial-related (the end of the world) Failed technology or technology-gone awry (computers running amok) Pre -1970's There was a strong revival in disaster movies The Hurricane (1937) 50's Films High and Mighty(1954) Zero Hour (1957) Horrors of WWII, threat of nuclear disaster The Golden Age 1970's Airport(1970) Huge finacial success, making over 45 million dollars Recently Revived with the advancement of
special effects Disaster films include similar and
more imaginative kinds of
catastrophies Visual and Special Effects Typical Camera Techniques 8:00-8:30 Armeggedon Long Shots Show the destruction and reaction of the citizens Earthquake 0:00-0:30 Shakey/ Handheld Camera Used to immerse viewers into the movie Also creates confusion and panic Tracking Shots To follow the action of the characters Visual Effects explosions Play large role in story line. quick editing often no transitions Sound Effects Play a large role in story line suspenseful background audio
loud noises
lots of sound effects The Movie The Product How we made The Death of a Salesman
into a disaster movie Used aspects of a typical disaster film Catastrophies Car crash and earthquake Camera Techniques Hand held shot Long shots Tracking shots Effects Sound Effects
Visual Effects Characterization Subplot within the story of the disaster what did we do well? What would we improve? Characters Disaster movies usually consist of a
subplot within the characters They create drama The subplot is usually a large part of the movie
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