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DDD Chapter Meeting

No description

meredith walsh

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of DDD Chapter Meeting

Delta Delta Delta
Chapter Meeting
November 24, 2013
Meeting Agenda
Call to order
Roll Call
Old Business
Sisterhood Sentiments
Officer Reports
This Week in DDD
Long Range Calendar
Sisterhood Sentiments
Officers of the Week
Delta Love
Officer Reports
This Week in DDD!
Alpha Theta Phi
(Stand and hold hands)

Alpha Theta Phi, we would sing to thee;
Silver, gold, and blue,
We would sing to you;
May we ever be faithful unto thee;
May the bonds of love be all else above,
Our Fraternity
Membership Selection Committee
"Loyalty to my Fraternity, faithful service to my chapter,
and unselfish friendship to her members.
These I pledge in the true spirit of Delta Delta Delta."
A little love from Standards coming your way!
Cottage Policies
Philanthropy Update!
St. Jude's Month!
St. Jude's Month is off to a GREAT START!
$250 from Magnolia Designs Sales

$442 from Kickin' It to Chemo Tabling!
Sincerely Yours!
-78% of all Tri delta donations come from Sincerely Yours

-Last year we raised about $13,000 from Sincerely Yours which is about 86% of the total our chapter raised last year

-Each chapter member is required to write 25 letters, most chapters do 50 so this is very doable!

-SO important to not write bad letters! St. Jude pays a dollar for every letter and they have anywhere from 60,00-80,000 bad letters every year

-St. Jude patient named Ellie will be attending! (picture attached)
-Sweet Frog/ Lilly hair bow raffles during the event!
-St. Jude is providing us with a $200 visa gift card for a raffle that any girl who writes over 50 letters is entered to win
Facts about the Event

-hand out 50 names fast forms and say fill these out in the next few minutes. There are 50 slots for names so if you can only think of half you have your list done and all you have to do is get the addresses over Spring Break!
How can you prepare for the event?
Call to order
Roll Call
Officer Reports
Sisterhood Sentiments
This Week in DDD
Long Range Calendar
Alpha Theta Phi
Alpha Theta Phi, we would sing to thee;
, and
We would sing to you;
May we ever be faithful unto thee;
May the bonds of
be all else above,
Our Fraternity
Disciplinary Action and Warnings of Discipline

-Not meeting academic standards (2.5 and above)
-Not paying dues
-Disrespecting officers and rituals
-Misrepresenting Tri Delta through your use of social media or your actions
Sign Up for YOUR
Recruitment Party Chairs 2014
Opening Motto
Delta Devotional
Nominations for Office
Academic Chair- Katie Georgiadis

Activities Chair for Intramurals- Marin Kobb

Co-Risk Chairs - Meg Benner, Carol Anne Weaver

Licensing Chair- Lauren Singer

Music Chair- Liv Dulmage

Operations Manager- Amelia Clark
Crisis Response for Gamma Eta
Gamma Eta
Academic Superstars
Recruitment Run-Down
Long Range Calendar

Dec 2- Full Chapter Recruitment Workshop (7-9 pm)
Dec 5- Star Gala
Dec 6-Last Day of Classes
Dec 7- DDD Study Break

Dress to Pin!
Steph Barr, Emily Jennings, Morgan McKee, Margaret Legerton, Marielle Mahan, and Sage Vincent
Alejandra sends Delta Love from the Blue Mountains!
ICC for Gamma Eta

PR Blast Updates!
PR Princess
Policies for Social
- It is illegal to drink if you're under 21 years of age
- It is illegal to use fake ID's and strictly against Tri Delta policy
- You are responsible for your date and their actions; both go home together
- If you get sick on the bus, you are responsible for clean up
- You pay for cab ride home if you get sent home, so BRING CASH
Go Greek:
Anna Coogan & Alejandra Garcia-Narvaez
Claire Dormer/Kendel Ahnell
Kristi Murphy & Chelsea Lawlor
Meredith Combs & Sophia Minassian
Evergreen Program
*Outfit Checks: Next one after the Recruitment Workshop
Friday, December 6th 2-6 pm

*Song Practice

March 8-15, 2014
Application Due:
October 15, 2013
Trip Dates:
Louisa Raymond
Sarah Styslinger
Alice Kang
Maddie Spagnola
Alexa Gowdy
Olive Tezel
Kaylyn McElroy
Stephanie Spies
Nabi Khouri
Marina Wilson
Emily Romanoff
Claire Hollingsworth
Caroline Mihok
Steph Barr
Thank you for all you do!!
Timeline for Slating
Oct 27th-
Vote on class representatives for Nom Com

Nov 3rd-
Class Slating Meetings

Nov 9th/ 10th-
Nominating Committee convenes in Gamma Eta cottage

Nov 12th-
Reveal slate

Nov 17th-
Vote on slate at Chapter

OTC Education
Hot Dot

Sarah Ida Shaw Award
From the Delta Delta Delta Ritual
"The faithful service of all officers is essential to a strong chapter. However, the real strength of any chapter is measured by the unified endeavor of all members. The obligations which a chapter of Delta Delta Delta assumes are so complex that efficient chapter operations requires the interest and the support of the entire membership."
-The Installation of Officers
Make a Delta Date!

We budgeted $1,500 for credit card fees for this school year (Fall 2013-Spring 2014).

We are one month into the semester and we have already been charged $931.80. This means we are on track to spend
in credit card fees alone.
This is money that could be used to help the chapter get things we really want, like food for the cottage or Bravo.

All of you can help out by not paying with credit cards and using checking accounts instead! It’s so easy to add a checking account…just follow these steps.
Please use checking accounts to pay your bills! The chapter will save a ton of money and the finance team will be a whole lot happier. If you have any trouble setting up this account, please call or email me!!!
(516) 659-0136 or claudia.brady@richmond.edu
Changes in the Policies
Changes in the Policies
Last Formal Chapter Meeting!
Thanksgiving Break!
Thanksgiving Break!
Thanksgiving Break!
Thanksgiving Break!
DON"T FORGET: FCRW Monday night at 7 pm!!
Costume Contest!!
"Right Now"
*Created in 1954 to honor a collegiate member for her accomplishments and diversity in campus activities.
Contributed the most in devoted leadership
Led the chapter in practicing sisterhood
Strengthened the chapter by contributing to chapter unity

The Sarah Ida Shaw Award is given annually to a member who best exemplifies the extraordinary ideals of Tri Delta. Each chapter is asked to nominate a member of their chapter. These nominees should be members that are scholars, leaders, and prolific embodiment of Tri Delta's values.

Right now,
I'm hoping for Tri Delt
For from the first I felt
It's here I belong
Don't tell me tomorrow
Will change the way I felt
For me it's just Tri Delt
From now on.

Overhead the starts and cresent
Are shining down on Tri Delta happiness
Nothing in this world
Could here love destroy
I know, that in the days to come
Though we must part,
Tri Delt will stay in our hearts

Don't tell me tomorrow
Will change the way I felt
For me it's just Tri Delt
From now on (REPEAT)

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