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No description

earth project

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of EARTH

Inner and outer earth
Third planet from the sun

one moon in its orbit
earth is gorgeous the animals bugs light air are all spectacular when when take a minute to look at notice
Earths natural disasters


This planet has four layers from inner to outer
-they are



The crust is the outer most layer. This layer is consists of ...................


-it is 30km deep

-also 0*c

-we also live and thrive on this layer
The inner core is the inner most layer of earth it is the core. It consists of............
outer core
-3700*c tempatures

-5200 km thick

-fe,s elements in it
the mantel is the 2nd layer to the earth just under our crust whitch helps cause earth quakes when the magma vibrates and moves the crust on top also shifts
The inner core of the Earth has temperatures and pressures so great that the metals are squeezed together and are not able to move about like a liquid, but are forced to vibrate in place as a solid. The inner core begins about 4000 miles beneath the crust and is about 800 miles thick. The temperatures may reach 9000 dgrees F. and the pressures are 45,000,000 pounds per square inch. This is 3,000,000 times the air pressure on you at sea level!!!

-plastic liquid elements,MG ,FE ,AL ,SI ,O

-1000* C

-2900 KM deep

-Deepest layer
The outer core is part of the core the third layer in out earth it consists of
Earth is a beautiful and calm place to be when mother nature is not angry ;) As quoted before hell has no furry like a woman's scorn. When she is infuriated she can cause; earth quakes, floods, tsunami, volcano eruptions and much more. watch this short clip and see how much devastation and death is caused
the sun in relation of the earth
the sun id the biggest thing in our solar system the sun is a star like the ones in Ursa minor Orion and more. but we are so close to it we can harness the energy and heat to survive. we orbit around the sun as we rotate and the moon orbits us.
info on earth
Ring of fire
The Ring of Fire is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi)
Tectonic plates
tectonic plates are the plates that our continents are on and that floats on top of the magma from inner earth when they collide go apart or dive under each other and can create earth, quakes, volcanoes, land slides, floods and more.
Wind does not seam to be dangerous but with right speeds right temperatures and heights it could be devastating!!! hot + cold tornado and we all know the misery this force of nature can cause.
floods are when large amounts of water cove a land scape by a sudden catastrophe. They overwhelm your home you care even sometimes your families. :(
-Made of iron magnesium silicates

-surrounds core

-makes Earth's bulk
life on earth.
OUR future
saving the earth
Our resources that we thrive on are running low because of over use and waste. Like the waste of food water space and supplies but our most valuable resource is fading away swiftly!! Please watch this short video and catchy tone enjoy i know i did :)
global warming is a serious mater. In case you don't know global warming is when our gasses and electricity create co2 gas that kills the oszone layer letting in move heart and letting out less of the dun rays in to space. witch is effecting every one not just us humans.
Earth is very beautiful from space it looks like a marble . It is the only planet that supports life and has a sustainable atmosphere. We have wondrous animals and huge seas earth is made up of 75% water.
earth from space
our family of planets
mother earth has a huge family 8 in all
-sun(dad) Helios /warms all planets
-mercury(lil bro)
-venues(twin sister)-resembles earth
-mars(baby sis)
-Jupiter(older bro)/big red*red stop size of earth
-Saturn(big sis)"Jupiter's twin"- has rings made of continuous orbiting rocks
-Uranus-(1st cousin)
-Neptune-(lil sis)/cold blue planet

our moon
We only have one moon unlike many others in our solar system. Our moon has different phases or sides of the moon that the sun reflects on to direct like off of, witch are...

-new moon
-waxing crescent
-waxing quarter
-waxing gibbous
-waning gibbous
-waning quarter
waning crescent
our actions will have dire consequences our human race could die out animals extinct vegetation gone no more water resources or worse!!!
if we focus and try our best we will have a clean healthy future and save mother earth remember every day is earth day ;D
*year 365 days
*day 24 hours (rounded)
*atmosphere 78.09% nitrogen. 20.95% oxygen 0.93% argon and 0.39% carbon dioxide
*highest temp recorded:136.4*F
*lowest temp recorded 138.6*F
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