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Aiesec University TM & OGX GCPs Presentation Tunis Dauphine 14/08/2011

mehdi limam

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of Aiesec UNIVERSITY - TM & OGX GCPs

AIESEC UNIVERSITY Talent Management OutGoing
eXchange GCPs eXchange ?
Leadership ?
700% Growth
Ranked 1st or How to : and talents to the vision of the organization. Target Develop Train Promote Coach Allocate Select align The way we do it Well-thought Structure

Simple Implementation of the TM Process

Talent Developement Tools TMU
Chair LTT
Manager TD
Coordinator HR
Coordinator TM Unit
Structure Marketing & Planning Know our student market
Know the TN market
Available form tracker
Match supply and demand
LC partnership
Specific recruitment Promotion External & Internal X promotion ( different messages | different promotion channel )

Identify our target people & key message

Identify promotion channels
Campus booth
Words of mouth
Info Session
Returnee sharing/cultural events

Train our member to sell OGX!
How to sell OGX program to different people Selection criterias

How to conduct effective interview
Sample question list

What should you know after an interview

Expectation setting during interview Selection Induction AIESEC Way


Expectation setting
about matching & traineeship

Opportunity to involve
in AIESEC activities Matching Self matching
with tracking

AFT Preparation Culture shock
Change with traineeship
Emergency Traineeship Abroad Keep in touch with EPs Reintegration Evaluation & feedback
Other AIESEC opportunities
Second traineeship promotion
Leadership Position
… Process Talent Planning LC structure Quantitative Study Qualitative study LC Needs LC Needs
----------------------------------------- = Nb to be Retention Rate (N-1) recruited But don't Forget the QUALITATIVE study !!

REQUIRED PROFILES !! Ensure the implementation of the leadership programs:
Creation of leadership opportunities.
Promotion of the leadership opportunities.
Ensure good Selection process. Ensure the implementation of the learning environment element at local level.
Self discovery/ reflection
Team work
Learning circle
Mentoring and coaching
Virtual spaces Ensure the development of learning partnerships in collaboration with ER Dept. TD Tools Coaching Program Talent Promotion TM Unit
Spread & Align the message within the LC COM Team
Design promotional materials RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN I'm an AIESECer Campaign Talent Selection Template
... Student
Pre Inscription
Review Board
Interview sheet ( Required profiles, Competencies, skills... )
Questionnaire Getting to know what is AIESEC
AIESEC way...
Challenge your world view
Talking circles
Personal Goal setting
Talking circles
Templates to fill
Joining the @ network
Virtual Post induction

Talent allocation
Application forms
Coaching Program
really different from≠ Mentoring
Talent Training
Based on the National MdP Induction & Post Induction Just ask How ?? Thank
You :)
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