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Journal Entry 3

No description

Haley Weinrauch

on 29 May 2016

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Transcript of Journal Entry 3

Journal Entry 3
A Squamish Legend of Napoleon
Pauline Johnson
Battle of Waterloo
-Napoleon lost this battle and was exciled
- took place in Belgium on June 18, 1815
- Napoleon was defeated by the British and Prussians
Narrator is doing somethings suddenly political in her narrative, shows her heritage and background is just as important. Creates a nieve listener/narrator and does something political so as not to directly present it as her own view.



Who is Napoleon Bonaparte?
Who is Joe Capilano?
- leader of the Squamish
- fought for recognition of Native right
- 1906-1907 went to Ontario/London to discuss land claims
- died in 1910 of tuberculosis
This story draws from both real and historical figures. The story uses real historical figures but becomes more of a folktale when the story of the magical charm is told, turns from more fact based to fiction. It is assumed the narrator is a women and could possibly be Pauline Johnson herself but you can not know for sure. The narrator seems nieve, she learned the story then told us.

The charm represents the Squamish strength. The Squamish are almost taking credit for Napoleon's success because they say he did not lose a battle until he lost the charm he was given from the Great Squamish Warrior. Story is speaking back to colonizers, Squamish are siding with the French instead of the English. The narrator is intrigued by the tale and is relaying the folktale by telling us

By: Haley Weinrauch
English 371
- French military leader
- first emperor of France
- went to Military College of Brienne for 5 years
- went to military academy in Paris and graduated early because his father died
- he supported the Jacobins
- crowned himself
- won every battle except one (Battle of Waterloo)
- he was exciled after losing the Battle of Waterloo
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