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2.5 DLG Credible Connections

No description

DJ Rogers

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of 2.5 DLG Credible Connections

Credible Connections
Information Literacy
Fact: Higher education aims at imparting better understanding and perception amongst students to make good citizens out of them.
Information Literacy 2
Fact: School libraries are an essential part of a complete school program.
Media Literacy
Fact: Yes, teachers teach with media, but rarely do they teach about the media.
Web-based Tools
Fact: WBLTs are defined in this paper as "interactive web-based tools that support learning of a specific concept by enhancing, amplifying, and/or guiding the cognitive processes of learners."
DJ Rogers

SI# 0004175474

• A curriculum is ... not a set of documents or a textbook, although classroom activities may be guided, governed, or hindered by such documents. Rather, it is a dynamic system. This system can be conceptualized as three interrelated processes: planning, acting and evaluating.
• Project Information Literacy is a national study about early adults and their information-seeking behaviors, competencies, and the challenges they face when conducting research in the digital age.
• “Libraries have adapted in the past, but we may not have the resources to adapt quickly enough to survive in the [future], especially if the public goes elsewhere for the services we are accustomed to providing,” John J. Callahan III, of Palm Beach County (Fla.)
• There has certainly been a push to incorporate more technology in libraries, whether it’s in the form of computers, e-books or online databases.
• In May 2012 we surveyed 685 middle and high school teachers to hear their perspectives on how students’ increasing use of digital media has affected their academic performance.
• Consider the approach you would like students to take to their learning in your subject (The way in which you intend student to learn will, in many respects, dictate how you teach).
• “Web 2.0” refer to Web-based utilities and technology tools that focus on social, collaborative, user-driven content and applications.
• "I believe Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences has enlightened many educators to the different learning strengths various students bring with them," Fischer told Education World.
Web-Based Tools 2
Fact: WBLTs offer several promising solutions to the challenges that everyday teachers face with respect to using technology.
• Internet technologies applicable to online learning pop up like spring flowers. Some will bloom and then fade in a short time; others will last for many seasons. Open standards, new media, XML, assistive technologies—which of these are bets bets for planting?
• Middle schools that develop challenging curricula of an exploratory nature are emerging as models in the field of technological integration.
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