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In Search of a Missing friend

No description

Bárbara Martinez

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of In Search of a Missing friend

Cecilia Monteiro dos Santos Lodi
Bárbara Frazão Martinez
Cecilia Monteiro dos Santos Lodi
Two steps east...one south...
Here we are!
Chapter 2 - Following Clues
Chapter 3 - Wills´ Inventions
Chapter 4 - Twins to the rescue
'Wills is a real genius! This missing-page-finder can find the missing pages!' Harry says, happy to have a friend like Wills.
'How does the missing-page-finder work?' asks Camilla.
'It knows all the pages that are in a ten kilometre radius. It finds out wich pages are missing and immediately prints the missing pages!'
'The kidnappers aren't very good. There are clues everywhere,' says Camilla.
'Wills is smater than his kidnappers. Maybe the riddles on the clothes pegs say where the hiding place is. Let's read then again!' replies Harry.
'Hey! Is this your clothes peg?' asks a boy.
'Another riddle!' exclaims Harry.
'It's nice to have a friend like Wills, but sometimes I can't understand him,'says Camilla.
'Are you friends of Wills?' asks the boy.
'Do you know where he is?' asks Harry.
'You can't find Wills, but you have some clues.
Mmm, coal, diamonds, chestnuts, a forest that loves its leaves... the place you're looking for is the park!' exclaims the little boy.
'Th-the park?' Harry and Camilla repeat togheter.
'Yes, look for him the park. I'm very intuitive, I never make a mistake.
'Wills is in Regent's Park. Maybe that little boy is right. But there aren't any coal or diamond mines there,' says Harry.
There's an old coal train and there's a baseball field in the shape of a diamond and there's even a forest!' replies Camilla.
'Maybe that's the solution, Harry. Let's read the directions on the map.
When Harry and Camilla finally found the park realize that now is the hard part: finding Will.
When they hear the voice of Will.
Once they find a weapon of chewing gum loaded with large doses of chewing gum, this weapon fires a huge bubble and ... full of water becomes a huge water balloon!
they drop the water balloon and enter the hut where the gang and Will are hidden, but soon the leader ve and sends Eddie and Andy catch them. When everyone listens cirenes and a voice saying: "Disista, you are surrounded," but this was the machine that Camilla as to scare the gang, and it worked.
And finally tells Will Herry and Camilla that the pen was in his tie butterfly. And the pen solves math games!

Thursday, June 29, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Giovanna Alquati Rangel
Chapter 1 - Wills Disappears
Bárbara Frazão Martinez
Chapter 5 - The Mystery is Solved
This is a beautiful day in London.
Harry is miding your bike and Camila is busy your favorite hobby : paiting.
When Harry fineshed miding your bike perseve tham Camila is angry.
They see some bikes coming with Will's.
Harry and Camila goes to Will's house, and see a note from he, saying that there was the Black Hang Gang kidnapped.
They looked at prototico of Will.
Who was from Genius Academy, with the invention of Will.
Will had left another note with the coordinates of getting on Genius Academy.
Will, Herry and Camilla are free of the kidnappers, and now with the Will´s invention, the pen that makes lesson, they need not do more homework.
But the dog, Rover, eventually destroying the pen, and will not give to another because Will do spend a lot of time.
Sad the three return home of Will. At home Will´s parents suggest they go to the park, but I think this time they will not go...

In Search of a Missing Friend
When they leave the Genius Academy, Camilla says, 'The doorman is a liar.Look at this clothes peg... Wills is, or was, here!
Harry says 'There's something written on it .
Maybe it's a message from Wills.' 'Your friend was here a little while ago, 'He gave me some advice for my invention. Then he went to Giant's. Harry and Camilla arrived in Giant's.
They were surprised when we arrived in Giant's.
The twins run to the park 'Here! This man in the photo is you, isn't it? The man doesn't know what to say.
Harry and Camilla went to the library.
They looked at a book called kidnappings and escapes... "Let's read it!" says Harry.
Harry opens the book 'Now look at our bicycle tyres...
Harry is furious. 'This isn't going to stop us!
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