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How To Plan a Community Service Project

Prezi on all of the steps involved in putting on a successful community service project.

Charlette Kremer

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of How To Plan a Community Service Project

How To Plan
a Community Service Project

Choosing A Project
Planning Your Service Project
Day Before the Event...
After your project...
Lets Get Started!
Group Interests?

What community issues interest your group?
Find a Community Need
How can you match your interests with a need in your community?
Are there local organizations or groups that would help you to create a project?
Do any of them have a project they need help with?
Do they have supplies, funds, etc. that could support you?
Contacting organizations that align themselves with the community need you choose is very helpful in figuring out a project. They have organized projects before and can give you great feedback and support.
After contacting local agencies and groups...
Now...lets figure out the big details
Make A Difference Day is October 26th
MLK Day is January 20
idaho@play is May 10-17
What time frame would get the most volunteers/participants?
Consider transportation time, ease of reaching location, close to target market, etc.
Primary purpose (what is the primary reason you chose this project?)
What are the specific goals you want to accomplish by this project?
Number of student participants, number of coats collected, trees planted, etc.
How will you measure your success?
Make sure your chosen project ties back to the community need you decided to address.
What materials and supplies are required?
What outside resources will be used?
Will you need money? If so how will you get it?
Any Conflicts?
What problems do you anticipate needing to overcome in order to successfully complete this project? Outline alternative methods to overcome each problem. MAKE SURE IT IS FEASIBLE!
List the specific steps to be taken to bring this project to a successful completion. Show approximate date for each step. Note any deadlines, and create a timeline.
Complete a proposed budget showing all anticipated income and expenses.
Plan realistically!
Assign members specific duties based off of the plan
P.S. Make sure that you check your team communication center for updates frequently so that everyone knows what is going on. This is really important, never have a part of your project that only one person understands.
Who is your target market? Do you need participants to take part in your project?

i.e. kids, elderly, families
Be sure to include additional volunteers!
Contact the local media (newspaper, news stations, radio stations) create press releases.
Put up fliers where your target markets will see them!
Make sure you advertise to these groups!
Attend meetings, contact local agencies to spread the word, let interested parties know!
Create a one-page flier: What should you include??

Press releases: who, what, where, when, and why.

Public Service Announcements

Community Calendar

Letters and/or newsletters: who would you send these to?

Web sites
Identify what you will need for the project.
Then identify companies/organizations who could donate materials to your project
Send donation letters if you have time, if not.. visit the business and ask in person. You should have your official letter (it was attached to the e-mail with the link to this presentation) with you in order to maintain credibility. Be prepared to explain AmeriCorps (see attached "elevator speech"). Tell them they will be mentioned as a sponsor in advertisements and press releases.
Talk to people/community partners you are working with to see if they can help to provide supplies.
When Planning...Consider the details!
Things easy to overlook:
Assigning people to clean up after event
Having contact lists, and day-of agenda for members to refer to
Having someone to confirm with all involved prior to event
If you want pictures have media release forms printed and ready
If you want sign in sheets have them printed
Make sure to think about all of the little details!
If you cannot find outside funds then you will need to adjust your project accordingly.
If there is time you can also apply for grants (Idaho@Play)
Community Service Project Event Planning
Write donation letter and disseminate to potential donors. Follow up with site visits, and adjust methods accordingly.
Help out with all funding endeavors
Create a budget and list of needed materials and resources. Hold onto donated materials, purchase or rent additional items once funding is received. Oversee set-up and take down.
Come up with an event day schedule. Find a suitable location and reserve the space. If necessary create the event layout. Work with team to assign day-of project duties. oversee set-up and take down.
Oversee the timeline and list of duties, create back-up plans.
In charge of:
Volunteer and participant sign in
Media-release forms
Greeting and guiding volunteers/participants at the event
Keep everybody in the loop, plan the team updates/meetings. Create an internal contact sheet. Be the main contact for the community partner your team is working with.
Deal with all of the outside media and advertising for the event in the community and to the targeted audience. Responsible for sending out thank you cards after the event.
Advertise for additional volunteers, help with outside media and advertising. Plan a day for the team to distribute fliers. Responsible for thank you card or volunteer appreciation gift after event.
Breaking your project down into specific categories will allow for the most efficient and effective planning by keeping individual's duties concentrated and not all over the place. We have found by doing this teams are better able to tackle all those little details. However, this is just a model, you could also just use your timeline to assign duties.
Make sure you have everything confirmed with volunteers, participants, vendors, media, etc. They need to know where to go, when to be there, what is appropriate to wear, and what to expect!
Pack and have all supplies/materials ready to go including forms, cameras to capture the event, and anything needed for the project! If it is a morning project or one that goes a while plan to provide snacks and/or water (can usually be donated). If possible always have extra supplies...they could come in handy!
Do a mock run-through of the event with your team to make sure that you have thought of everything and that everyone knows what is going on. Distribute contact sheets and any other necessary materials.
Here is an example of a successful MADD project
Reflect on why it was important! This combined with the preflection will provide your team and any additional volunteers with how your project tackled that community need we talked about in the beginning! You will also need to fill out the reflection form.
This video by Simon Sinek shows the importance of giving people the "why" and not the "what" which is what a preflection and reflection provide...
Hits, Misses, and Next Times with your team. Did you reach your project goals? If not, what went wrong? How can you take this experience to improve on the next project you plan as a team?
Make sure to send out thank you cards!
Send a press release to local media about the completion of the event.
Make a video or slide show of the event! Also email photos to your home office!
Also plan on having someone give a preflection. This will introduce additional volunteers to the reason for having the project and how and why their service is beneficial.
Please answer the questions about this presentation and e-mail to your home office.
If you are getting monetary donations or want to hold a fundraiser you must get pre-approval from your home office!
Be sure to wear your AmeriCorps t-shirt!!
Come up with some ways you could effectively get the word out in your community.
What other ways can you think of to spread the word?
Also see (attached to e-mail):
Quiz (Complete and return)
Donation letter
Sample "Elevator Speech"
Sample press release
Tips for writing a press release
First team meeting paperwork
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