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Christmas storms and sunshine

No description

Gabriella Class Rivera

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Christmas storms and sunshine

Christmas storms and sunshine
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Mr. Jenkins work for Tory paper and loves sausage.
Have a cat named Pussy.
Mrs. Jenkins despises Mary because she doesnt have a baby and because Mary beat her cat.
Mr. Hodgson works for Examiner
They have a baby
Mary(the wife of Mr. Hodgson) is very emotional
Mary beats up Mrs. Jenkins cat
Even though you have a grudge with someone on Christmas day just set aside your differences for that one special day.
Mr. Hodgson and Mr. Jenkins, the compositors of two politically opposed English newspapers, live in the same building. On the day before Christmas, Mrs. Jenkins's cat eats Mr. Hodgson dinner, and their wives quarrel. Later, the Hodgson baby becomes ill. Mrs. Hodgson asks Mrs. Jenkins for hot water, and after first refusing, Mrs. Jenkins comes to help, saving the baby's life. The next morning, Mrs. Jenkins's cat ruins her Christmas dinner. Mrs. Hodgson brings Mrs. Jenkins homemade sausages, and the two families set aside their differences to have Christmas dinner together.
Summary of the story
Mary beats up Mrs. Jenkins cat because she got mad she feared that she would abuse her baby if gets angry again.
Mary's baby got a illness called croup (croup: a respiratory disease in children)
In the time on need Mrs. Jenkins denies Mary water to help her child because her husband kittle is boiling
After a while Mrs. Jenkins helps Mary and her baby and they save the child Mary sobs and cries.
The 2 families set aside there differences and come together to eat.
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