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Social Innovation Strategy Scotland

No description

Thomas Montgomery

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Innovation Strategy Scotland

Social Innovation Strategy

Raise awareness of social innovation...

beyond the usual suspects
Formulate a Scottish Social Innovation Strategy
Input from stakeholders and citizens
Implement a Smart Specialisation Strategy encompassing social innovation
'rather than being a strategy imposed from above, smart specialisation involves businesses, research
centres and universities
working together'
- European Commission
'contribute positively to diminishing the innovation divide by involving end-users (including disadvantaged groups) and stakeholders into innovation processes, promoting inclusive growth.'
-European Commission
S definition: 'integrated, place-based economic transformation agenda'
Support the development of social innovation networks and platforms
current efforts in Scotland to stimulate
co-operation across sectors
IDENTIFY current strengths and weaknesses of Scottish environment for social innovation
Co-creation of a long-term vision, focusing upon a region, sector or societal trend
Generating actions and experiments which can be scaled-up
Formation of coalitions who can develop innovative ideas
'Low carbon resource efficiency and the environment'
'The Scottish Government views the low carbon economy as a key driver for job creation and sustainable growth' - SG Structural Funds Consultation Document
Social innovators are currently working in this field across Scotland and experiencing success
Support the acceleration of these efforts to enable communities across Scotland to reap the benefits
Proposed Scottish Themed Fund:
Support the expansion of social innovation incubation
Scotland has the knowledge, skills and experience required
to expand and take forward the incubation of social innovation and this can be realised with the support of ERDF funding.
Physical spaces for social innovators to develop their ideas and start-ups and thus maximise their social impact.
‘Competitiveness, innovation and jobs’
lack of entrepreneurial culture
low business birth rate

Social Innovation Incubation:
facilitates entrepreneurship
supports birth of sustainable
social ventures

Commission: 'organise and finance
using ERDF funding'
Social Innovation Park in Scotland
Maximising potential for business and job creation
Proposed Scottish Themed Fund:
Scottish Social Innovation Strategy
Competitiveness, innovation and jobs
Low carbon, resource efficiency and the environment
Local development and social inclusion
Scottish Themed Funds
Fostering collaboration through shared resources
Strengthening networks and and platforms that have been nurtured in previous stages
Demonstrates long term commitment of Scotland to social innovation
Social Innovation:
Criteria of Social Innovation
A social need or societal challenge that has not been met by the market or the state is the core aim of the project
The project increases participation levels of stakeholders and users in meeting the social need or societal challenge
The project empowers stakeholders and users through the provision of the necessary capacities to experiment, collaborate and develop sustainable solutions
Proposed Scottish Themed Fund:
'Competitiveness, innovation and jobs'
Scotland: 'has an excellent reputation for research –
but a poor track record in business-to-academia linkages'
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