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European History Timline

Conservative Response; Turn of the Century

Kasey Smith

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of European History Timline

July Ordinances in France are followed by a revolution, which forces Charles X to abdicate Opium War between Britain and China

Britain defeats China which opens it to the West Year of Revolution in Europe

in June revolutionaries are beaten by the army in Paris

December Louis-Napoleon is elected president of the Second Republic of France

Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels Louis-Napoleon overthrows Second Republic of France and becomes Napoleon III 1853: Crimean War- Turkey declares war on Russia

1854: Britain and France join war on Russia France and Italy declare war against Austria Serfs emancipated in Russia Austria is defeated by Prussia and Italy Hungary and Austria establish a dual monarchy France-Prussian War

Revolt in Paris France surrenders to Germany Russo-Turkish War

Congress of Berlin ends Russo-Turkish War Jack the Ripper murders in London First modern Olympic Games in Athens, Greece Greeks rebel against Ottoman Empire Treaty of London signed by Britain, France, and Russia Theodor Herzl launches the Zionist Movement

Zionist Congress Conservative Response 1821 1830 1827 1839-
1842 Potato Famine 1845 1848 Conservative Response Napoleon becomes first consul for life in France 1802 1807 Napoleon crowns himself emperor British slave trade is abolished

Treaty of Tilsit 1804 Napoleon invades Russia 1812 Congress of Vienna creates Concert of Europe 1815 1815 Conservative Response 1851 1859 1853
-1854 1861 1866 1867 Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo

Hundred Days

Holy Alliance

Second Peace in Paris Conservative Response 1870
-1871 1877
-1878 1871 1888 1896 1897 Turn of the Century Revolutions across Europe: in France, Germany, Prussia, Itlay 1848 1853-4 Second Empire in France Crimean War 1852 Unification of Italy 1859 Emancipation of Russian serfs 1861 Unification of
Germany 1864 Turn of the Century Congress of Berlin 1873 1880
Imperialism in
Africa Women gain property rights in Britain 1878 Berlin Conference in Africa to partition the territory by European nation 1882 1884

Labour Party in Britain 1892 Turn of the Century Treaty of Nanking 1842 1839-
42 First Balkan Crisis Opium War between China and Britain 1874-8 INDUSTRIALIZATION 1830's Revolutionary period in France 1830 Beginning of an increase in the support of further social, political, and economic rights of women 1850's Turn of the Century 1830's The time during which a rise in nationalism among separate European states was seen. This led to the many revolutions and revolts of the late nineteenth century The over arching time period during which Europe's population grew exponentially 1750-
1900 Karl Marx publishes
Communist Manifesto 1848 Three Emperors' League Triple Alliance
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