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Let's Talk About It.....Cellphone Use In Education

There's an on going debate with positives and negatives about the use of cellphones in public school education.

john teague

on 27 July 2011

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Transcript of Let's Talk About It.....Cellphone Use In Education

Cellphone Use In Public Education
Fear of the Unknown -education should remain the same
-people fear what they don't understand
-time before the internet & other technology
-time before the 21st century

All Tools Needed To Complete Task: -real world you have all available tools
-inappropreiate and unfair request of students
-they already have the knowledge
-educators are actually hampering learning
-like that of asking what time is it,
but not allowed to consult a watch

Let's Talk About It! Part of Adult Daily Life: Here are a few examples:
-phone call
-various apps
Soon Cellphones Will Replace Bookbags...they have multiple uses
Day Planner-for planning class activities

Texting-teachers could send electronic asignments
that students would be apt to complete work

Photography-year book committee and other clubs

Video Production-students could make videos for
class assignments and other activities
No Doubt...They Can Cause Disruptings:
-inform students of pending fights
-cyber bullying
-entertainment during class
-Poll Everywhere...students respond to your questions instantly with results loaded into powerpoint
-Wiffiti...respond to questions instantly and set filters for text
-ChaCha...allows you to call or text questions and recieve answers
-Drop.io....allows your students to create voice blog for data collection
-Textmarks...allows teachers or students to set up text message alert system. Tools for Cellphone Integration...Free Online Services Cellphones:
-fun gadgets with many applications
-there is still debate about whether or not they belong in schools
-consensus needs to be reached between parents, students, and educators about fair use in school
- to ban them completely is to ignore educational advantages of having cellphones in classrooms Learning Tools:
With thousands of educational apps,
SMART PHONES put thousands of learning
possibilities at the student’s fingertips.

Apps are currently available for…
English Language Arts
English Language Development
Mathematics, Science
History and Geography
Art & Music
Health & Physical Education

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