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Amanda Skie

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Stalinism

Who is Stalin?
* Born December 18, 1878
* Gori, Georgia, Russia
* Born as Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili
* Parents were a cobbler and washerwoman

* Smallpox at 7
* Left arm was deformed from Smallpox
* Bullied as a child
* Mother wanted him to become a priest
* Church School in Gori
* Tiflis Theological School in 1894 (16)
* Messame Dassy - secret society that supported Georgia's independence from Russia
* Left seminary school in 1899
Young Boy
* 1901 he joined the Social Democratic Labor Party
* 1902 arrested for labor strike and exiled to Siberia
* Adopted the name Stalin (steel)
* Blacklisted by tsar's secret police
* 1907 robbed the Tiflis bank, 250,000 rubles ($3.4 million)
* 1917 Russian Revolution began, tsar abdicated and placed under house arrest
* By October Bolsheviks had control
* 1922 Stalin became General Secretary of Communist Party
Rise to Power
* 1924 Lenin died, leading to Stalin's power (Trotsky exiled)
* Show trials
* Collectivism
* Murders in the basement of Kremlin or Lubyanka
* Killing fields
Murders in Moscow
* Fear
* Respect
Before Stalin
Romanov Dynasty
Did Stalin Save the World?
Intro to Joseph Stalin
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