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Stratosphere by Michael Fullan

No description

Mathieu Williams

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Stratosphere by Michael Fullan

Stratosphere by Michael Fullan

“This book is about how the ideas embedded in the new technology, the new pedagogy, and the new change knowledge are converging to transform education for all."
"We must reconcile how technology can join the fray in a more purposeful way in order to transform learning for educators and learners in the 21st century."

Our Mission
Three Forces
Why Technology?
Change Knowledge
Paying for Technology
"Only those who know how to learn, who can relate to others and the environment, and who make the world part of their own evolving being will thrive in this world. It is damn exciting to live in the world with the brain we have"
Four Criteria for Technology & Pedagogy
Irresistibly engaging for all stakeholders
Elegantly efficient and easy to use
Technologically ubiquitous 24/7
Steeped in real-life problem solving
Pedagogy, Change Management and Technology

Together will create a powerful synergy for moving education into a new paradigm.
Technology needs to be seen as an enhancer of education and not a driver.
The Problem
95% of students love school in Kindergarten, by Grade 9, the enthusiasm for school declined to 37%. Kids are bored.
The Solution
Create conditions for deep engagement of both students and teachers
Create learners proactively in charge of their own learning-how -to-learn
Digital Disappointments
8% of teachers fully integrate technology into classroom
43% of students feel unprepared to use technology
23% of teachers feel they could integrate technology within their classroom
New Pedagogy
Choosing to partner with students in learning, will accelerate at a far greater rate because of technology; the new way of doing things will advance more quickly because it’s more naturally human because it taps into the essence of what it means to be human.This is easier because people will enjoy doing what they are doing and will compel change because more people will be involved in something they enjoy doing.
Technology = Connector
Flipping the Classroom
"To free up all that wasted instructional time is to generate a windfall of better time use, not to mention the new time that is created by the expansion of learning to the 24-hour clock and the hordes of peers engaged in collaborative social learning."
Teachers must become facilitators rather then activators. Activators give feedback to students, help students access their own thinking, provide challenging goals whereas the facilitator is focused on problem-based learning, simulations and gaming, individualized instruction.
The key to change knowledge is Implementation
Eight key areas of change knowledge: focus, innovation, empathy, capacity building, contagion, transparency, elimination of the non-essentials and leadership.
Pedagogy and technology provide the directional vision and change knowledge helps us to achieve it.
"Pedagogy, technology, and change knowledge operating in concert will become a powerhouse of learning."
Make everything we do about learning
Let technology permeate
Create irresistible engaging experiences
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