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Haley's Gap Year

No description

Haley Montgomery

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Haley's Gap Year

Haley's Gap Year
WHY - my ongoing thought process and motivations
WHAT - specifics of what I want to do, organizations and calendars
HOW - finances, planning, making this work in the best way

to take a year off from school in order to pursue passions outside of the classroom and have a reprieve from academics that will ultimately result in improved capacity to focus on getting the most out of college
not wanting to be at school
break from academics
the ability to pursue something I am passionate about
gain experience and determine what I really want
the time is now!
it's a decision I have carefully considered
group organized program
winter/holiday break
built in time to work and save money
short programs or independent travel

The plan is a work in progress that needs to be finalized. All aspects of the year should be planned and organized in detail. This is where I need help.
most of the financial planing will be specific to the programs
I recognize it will be expensive, and will need help
summer income goal: $5,000
winter income goal: $1,200
people to reach out to: Tracy Wingate and Kelsey McDermott
"The Gap Year Advantage"
Thinking Beyond Borders contact and other program leaders
school isn't working and its time to fix it
I am confident that I am passionate about this and want to commit to it being successful
It will be challenging, but that's the point
I will need help, planning, financing, organizing and ultimately I need your confidence and support to make this work
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