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Goddess of Fashion

A biography on Coco Chanel by Cara Isabelle Poblete

gina poblete

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Goddess of Fashion

The Fabulous Coco Chanel!
by Cara Poblete

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening."-Coco
Love life

Born on August 19, 1883 in Saumur, Paris
Named Gabrielle.
Had 4 other siblings but never grew up together
At 6 years old,her mother had died and her dad abandoned her in an abbey.
She had little education and wasn't well rounded but was able to observe and pick things up on the way
Entered Notre Dames finishing school in 1901
Soon Chanel and a friend left the abbey and got a small job as a seamstress in a Drapers store.
Always wanted to preform and got a slot in a club and sang "Ko Ko Riko" and"Quiqua de Coco" (the beggining of the name "Coco")
She was than put into another abbey for another 6 years!
Early Life:
This is a picture of Chanel and my lover "Boy"
At age 23, Chanel met first, "Balsan". She was his mistress for 3 years
There, he taught her to find the love in riding horses.
One day she met "Boy"one of Balsans friends and sarted to be his mistress.
They stayed together for 9 years!
Boy had finally died in a car accident. Chanel set a memorial for his death by the roadside.
Chanel and Boy were more like family. He would call her child all the time
One day Chanel complained he never bought her anything, so he ended up buying her a tiara!
2 hours after the tiara, a bouquet of flowers came.Chanel was happy. Another 2 hours, and another pack of flowers came!this continued for 2 strait days.Chanel was overjoyed."Boy" was training Chanel to be happy.
Hello Coco Chanel!
Chanel becomes famous!
Chanel's fashion becomes viral!
How popularity first started
During the time she was with Boy, Chanel was a very occupied woman.
Chanel sketch No1.
The casual dress
Chanel loved the colors black and white and put it in to many of her designs.
One time it was a chilly morning and Chanel took one of Boys jersey shirt and made it a cute and comfy shirt that kept her stylish and warm. Everyone who walked by admired the creativity and idea .
"I imposed
, its still going strong today,for black wipes out everything."-Coco
Chanel made "old" things,"new" things..Her fashion was becoming the hit of a new era!
Chanels 1st shop was opened on April 11, 1913.
Chanel's 2nd shop opened in the early 1915's.
Chanel's fashion were...
pencil skirts,
quilted bags,
hats were worn at an angle,
neat cut blazers,
and more!
(her most absolute law)
Angled hats
Neat cut blazers
Amazing fashion line
all of the above!
Chanels list
Now the most famous thing Chanel was known for was...
and preppy
casual dress!
The most popular
she made a sad and dark color to a chic and cute color!
Made in the 1920's
She was revolutionary and finally, she made it to the top!
Dark days.
WW2 came and Chanels co. had to shut down.She moved to Switzerland for a while.
But soon enough , the war was over and Chanel came back with an awesome new line.But only to figure out that a new company,Dior started. She hated their style and thought it was not good enough.
Come back line!
Chanel worked and worked,reporters here,cameras there, she was happy.
Then, on January 10,1971, she died from a sudden heart attack at age 83.
She died in hotel Ritz, a hotel she bought.
she never married."As long as you know men are like children, you know everything."
Her funeral was at Madeline church,and in tribute to the fashion icon, everybody wore black Chanel suites.
She was buried in Lausanne,Switzerland.
Chanel's legacy never stopped, and is still here today.
Karl Lagerfeild continued the business.
Chanel one the Neiman Marcus award.
Chanel got her logo, the double"C" from the stain glass windows of the abbey she grew up in.
A broadway was made about her called "Coco."
Chanel came out in Vogue.
No 5.perfume was released in 1920.
"every woman has the age she deserves."
"A girl should be 2 things, classy and fabulous."
Chanel actually made the "tan" popular from coming back from a cruise.
A few sketches:
Coco Chanel
i <3 coco
The Fashion Godess!
she is truly amazing!
Thank You For Watching!
Coco the Legend and Life by Justine Picardie
The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo
www.timeline toast.com
Chanel never liked corsets because they were un-comfertable. she vowed to never wear them again.
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