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Spatial Analysis Application to Urban Forestry

This presentation shows development of land cover and elevation data and their uses in i-Tree Hydro to model effects of tree cover on water flow and water quality. Preliminary results for the Difficult Run watershed are shown.

Gregory Bacon

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Spatial Analysis Application to Urban Forestry

Spatial Analysis Application to Urban Forestry
data sources and processing in i-Tree Hydro
by Greg Bacon - Fairfax County GIS & Mapping
Prepared for Virginia Association of Forest Health Professionals
February 2014

Land Cover
The county is 54% forested? That's great!

We're 23 years early
in meeting our
goal of 45%.

What's going on?
True Class
Raster Class
7 Cover Classes
x 50 points per class

350 points
DEM elevations accurate to within
1.5 ft of surveyed check points
Stereoscopically Derived Mass Points and Breaklines
Digital Elevation Model
Worldview-2 Land Cover Classification
95% of the time
95% Confidence Interval = 53% ± 4%
Worldview-2 Multispectral Imagery
Captured Summer 2011
Highest resolution commercial satellite imagery available (1.8 m)
8 channels
Thank You!
Mike Knapp
Frank Finch
Joan Allen
Nick Drunasky
Classification Accuracy
Weather Data
Stream Gauge Data
Land Cover %
Soil Characteristics
Alternative Scenarios
Next Steps
Run model on sub watersheds

Engage other departments in assessing applicability to stormwater permitting

Input land cover raster in future release (?)
Stream Gauge
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