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Huntington's Disease

No description

Maeve Doherty

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Huntington's Disease

Huntington's Disease By Erin McCabe and Maeve Doherty Huntington's Disease is a dissorder that is passed down genetically through families, in which some nerve cells in the brain deteriate. Symptoms of Huntington's Disease in adults:
Antisocial behaviors
restless Abnormal movements:
Head turning to shift eye position
Facial movements- grimaces
Slow and uncontrolled movements
Quick, sudden and/or jerking movements of arms, legs and face
Trouble walking Symptoms similer to dementia:
Loss of memory, and judgement
Speech and personality changes
confusion, shaking
stress, tension, studder Symptoms in children:
slow movements
tremor Cause of Huntington's
IT is a genetic defect on Chromosome # 4
part of the dna called the CaG repea, normally repeats 10-35 times. BUt a person that has Huntington's Disease, their Cag repeat, will repeat 36-120 times. Then if this person who is a carrier of this genetic defect has a child, and that child has a child, the more the genetic defect gets passed down the bigger it gets. the younger the child with HD is, the faster doctors will discover the genetic defect. Two forms of huntington's Disease

most common form is adult-onset
this form happens to adult's in there mid 30's and 40's
another form is erly-onset
happens to children
syptoms resemble parkinsons disease Huntington's disease treatment:
No real treatment/cure
reducing symptoms
huntington's disease has no real cure. However, there are medicines and treatments to help reduce symptoms of this disease. 30,000 people in the USA have Huntington's disease

150,000 people have 50 percent risk

people at risk should not spend long periods of time without excersize

Effects both men and women in all ethnic groups
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