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Customer Service

No description

Kathy Nguyen

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Customer Service

Service Innovation & Design Service Innovation Trump Hotels & Service Blueprinting Service innovation is a new or significantly improved service concept that is taken into practice. For example, new customer interaction channel, distribution system, or a technological concept or combination of both. Trump Hotel Overview Trump International Hotel & Tower is unique among the world’s finest luxury hotels. What distinguishes Trump Hotels from other hotels is that the Trump Hotel is a 5-star, skyscraper condo-hotel. Trump Hotel delivers a superior level of modern convenience offering a variety of services that provides customers with amenities beyond their expectations.
• Trump uses blueprints in many aspects of his service development and design

• He follows a similar blueprint because he wants all his hotels to uphold the same high-level service

• Employees are an integral part to the success of any innovative service design Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication, and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers. Service Design Service Offering Innovations
Examples: Google, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Walmart, Target,Amazon, E-Bay Vanessa Benjamin
Navrose Singh
Kathy Nguyen
Roshni Patel
Kriti Rathi Meeting and event conveniences Luxurious spa and wellness Restaurant bar and lounge Wedding and social events
Has specific, defined service designs
Systematic new service development process
Connects service design to service positioning
Right from the get-go, employees of the Trump Tower are trained to provide good service
“We start by wowing our team so they can then wow our guests,” - Amit Dhanani (training manager)
This is how Trump management expects the team to treat others
The level of service is used to position the Trump Tower as a luxurious lifestyle
Focus is on customer requirements
Formal process in setting service quality goals
Trump Attaché offers personalized attention to customers
VIP treatment on request
Record individual preferences in a secure guest history to be referenced and updated with every visit Customer-Driven Standards Trump Tower Overcoming the Gap Appropriate physical evidence and servicescape
Tangibles are in line with customer expectations
Servicescape meets customer and employee needs
Maintenance and updating servicescape
Trump Tower pays attention to fine details – “small things help make big moments”
The rooms include custom-designed furnishings, marble bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, even a Trump pillow menu
The tangibles are not only in line with expectations – but exceed them Service Design • The initial service idea must be made more concrete so that it can be presented effectively to customers and employees – includes detailed descriptions about the service deign (equipment, quality, costs, etc.)
• Provides visual understanding
• Useful at the design stage of service development
• Because services are “experiences” rather than objects, blueprinting is a particularly useful tool for describing them
• At this stage, there are many opinions on how the idea should be translated into an actual service Example of services to cater to customer needs/requirements: floral arrangement requests, pet walking services, babysitting services, messenger services, and many more
The company definitely strives to create a worry free and luxurious atmosphere by catering to the customers’ needs as they say, “Nothing is off limits. Just ask. Or don’t and let us anticipate your needs.” References Brown, T. (2008). Design Thinking. Harvard Business Review, 86(6), 84.

Staffing Hotels With Employees Who Care Creates Impeccable Hospitality. May 2012. Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council. Retrieved from http://cthrc.ca/en/member_area/member_news/staffing_hotels_with_employees_who_care_creates_impeccable_hospitality>

Toronto Boutique Hotels Downtown | Trump Hotel Toronto – Overview | Boutique Hotels Toronto. (2012). Luxury 5 Star Hotels | Trump Hotel Collection™| 5 Star Boutique Hotels. Retrieved from http://trumphotelcollection.com/toronto/toronto-ontario-hotels.php Service Design Thinking

User Centered: Services should be experienced and designed through the customer’s eyes

Trump Hotel: The hotel offers attaché services. With this program, guests can make special requests before checking in: anything from stocking the room refrigerator to ordering business cards to personal shopping help.

Co-Creative: Working with all stakeholders to explore needs and new processes

Trump Hotel: Parents can order free baby supplies in advance through the Trump Kids program. Guests' requests are kept on file for the next visit. The hotel also allows pets. With the Trump Pets program, guests receive a dog bed and blanket, water bowl, toys, and gourmet treats for their four-legged friends. Other amenities include a map of dog friendly parks and dog walking service.

Sequencing: Focusing on how the rhythm of the service impacts the mood of the customer
Trump Hotel: Check-in at Trump Hotels is nothing short of perfectly pleasant. There check-out line is fast and constantly moving which doesn't let customers to get bored or even mad. They offer a business center to use for free which is great for printing boarding passes.

Evidencing: It means making customers aware of intangible, sometimes "behind the scenes" services.

Trump Hotel: It is the chocolates on your pillow at Trump hotel which makes a difference. The hotel maid service may be fairly inconspicuous but the chocolate on the pillow reminds they were there. All services provide some form of artifact to remind the customers that a service took place. Nobody wants the bill to be their first reminder!

Holistic: Keeping the mood and feelings of the customer in mind throughout the service journey

Trump Hotel: Hot lavender-scented hand towels to welcome your arrival from sub-zero temps to complimentary bottled water, gourmet truffles, candied ginger, and shortbread to welcome your stay. Staying at Trump can just be described as the "Trump Experience" Trump card privileges program Gap 2 There is a gap between management perceptions of customer expectations and customer-driven service designs and standards.

Reasons For The Gap:
Poor Service Design
Absence of customer-driven standards
Inappropriate physical evidence and servicescape Major or radical innovations
Start-up businesses
New services for the currently served market
Service line extensions
Service improvements
Style changes
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